PowerInbox Launches New Open API

PowerInbox’s original attempt to save e-mail required that users install PowerInbox alongside their email client. Although users enjoyed the app functionality within their inbox, the bothersome step of installing PowerInbox limited adoption. PowerInbox has removed the install step with the launch of its open API: Connect API.

Connect API allows developers to directly integrate their apps with email clients. The open API eliminates the installation step and PowerInbox hopes one less step will increase adoption of PowerInbox. Fuser, Unified Inbox, and Smak are the first three email clients to directly integrate using Connect API.

The Connect API is a JavaScript library. Instead of installing the PowerInbox platform alongside the email client, the platform is embedded in the email client itself. Once integrated, a developer submits the app to PowerInbox who checks for errors and then publishes the app for public use.

PowerInbox Angel investor—Chris Lynch—proclaims that the app functionality of PowerInbox will revive email and present a “Facebook Alternative.” Given that less than 20% of the world’s teen population utilizes email as a means to communicate, Lynch’s prediction might be overambitious. However, the functionality Connect API brings to email may prolong email’s life despite the continuous predictions of email’s death.

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[...] really make things impressive, PowerInbox launched Connect API this past April, allowing third-party mail clients to directly integrate their service without [...]