PowerInbox Wants You To Stay In Your Inbox

Despite all the claims over the years that email is going to go away, it comes as no surprise that email is still and will be the dominant ways that we communicate with each other. People complain that they are not being productive because they end up spending way too much time inside their email application. But what if we turn this equation on its head and instead say that you could actually be more productive while using your email application. PowerInbox strongly believes that and gives developers the tools to accomplish this through its platform and the PowerInbox API.

PowerInbox provides an API to help developers bring their applications right within the email application. The argument is that if the applications are provided within the email itself, you could end up responding via the application right then and there, rather than being led out of your application due to clicking on an URL. For example, think about a scheduling a meeting right within your email, getting a product catalog in the email and completing the purchase right there instead of visiting the website.

The PowerInbox platform supports Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail on Chrome & Firefox. It also supports Microsoft Outlook and plans to introduce support for other email and mobile platforms later this year. It already has several applications launched with Partner companies, that you can try out right within your mailbox. Some of them include:

  • Facebook App: The app supports photos, videos and wall updates. You can comment on them right within your inbox.
  • Groupon App: The app provides up-to-date information on the Groupon deals in your email. It allows you to check the time remaining on the Groupons and other deal details.

Check out the entire list of applications over here.

PowerInbox has recognized that it pays more to be a platform play rather than work on all the apps themselves. To facilitate that, the PowerInbox API is what you can use to get your applications available in the inbox. The developer portal provides tutorials via which you can get up and running with your first app within minutes. Once you have developed the app, you need to submit it to the PowerInbox Apps directory to make it available to others. To do that, you will need to sign up for the API.

Email is not going away. PowerInBox is not the only company trying to integrate our mailboxes with contextual information and doable actions. The fact that such services are important can be gauged by LinkedIn's recent acquisition of Rapportive, the GMail Inbox augmenting service.

How else do you (or wish you could) supercharge your inbox?

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