PowerPhone Opens API Access to its 911 Call Handling Software

PowerPhone, leader in 911 call handling protocols, has updated its premier software package (Total Response CACH) to include an open API. The API will allow computer aided dispatch systems (CAD) to seamlessly integrate with CACH. CACH, short for computer aided call handling, automates questioning and information gathering. With CACH directly integrated with CAD, dispatchers can more effectively communicate with emergency response teams.

CACH is now a decade old, and has long been a pioneer in the 911 dispatch space. As the first front end to automate delivery to dispatcher, PowerPhone has shown a continued dedication to cutting edge solutions. Jerry Turk, PowerPhone Vice President, explained:

"PowerPhone is focused on continuously improving its technology, training and protocols to raise the standard of care in the industry. Technology Integration is vital when budgets and resources are diminishing. Our software was created to be accessible with any point solution."

With over 200,000 students trained on CACH, and overflowing customer testimonials praising the package, PowerPhone continues to lead the way. The open API strategy will continue to improve its market position as direct integration with CAD providers will further streamline 911 operations. In an industry where precision is paramount and every second counts, PowerPhone’s API offering sets a new standard.

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