Pownce API Coming Soon

Pownce, the widely discussed new service from Digg founder Kevin Rose for sharing messages, links, files and events, will soon be getting an API. As announced in their blog yesteday the API is due in September. As they note:

The lack of an API has been a major criticism leveled against Pownce from day one. The problem isn’t that we don’t have one, though–it’s that the existing API (built exclusively for the purpose of communication with the desktop app) just, well, sucks.

Some enterprising souls, however, have unlocked the secrets of our bizarre auth scheme and begun to write client libraries for the undocumented API. This was to be expected.

Of course, now that we have widely distributed clients (namely the desktop app) that rely on the existing API, we can’t really change it. But what we can do is create a new, public API, document how it works, then endorse and encourage its use by third parties.

And you're invited to help define the requirements by participating in their Google Group to discuss options like "response formats ( XML or Atom?) and Authentication schemes ( HTTP Basic over SSL? WSSE? Frob/token? AuthSub-style?)."

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