Pownce API v2

Last week Pownce's Leah Culver announced the availability of the Pownce API v2. What's new? As you can see in our updated Pownce API Profile, it reflects the changing standards landscape for APIs with the addition of OAuth support for token-based web Authentication. It also joins the ranks of more powerful APIs with more than just read capability: it supports writing data via posting notes, messages, links, files, events and replies.

The Pownce API and service is often compared with Twitter, and already Pownce's v2 API has played into those comparisons with Dave Winer arguing that at the moment "the Pownce API kicks Twitter's ass".

And speaking of the Twitter API, as we've seen it's been so popular that ReadWriteTalk's Sean Ammirati reported it generates 10x Twitter's site traffic (our additional coverage here). Now the Twitter team is continuing to scale-up their service to meet demand and yesterday Allen Stern noted that they been tweaking their service to accommodate anticipated increase in traffic for this week's SXSW Festival, including a decrease in "the number of allowed authenticated API requests per hour from 70 to 50 from Thursday, March 6th through Wednesday, March 12th."

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