Practice Fusion Lands New Funding and Will Expand API Offering

ProgrammambleWeb has covered the electronic health records leader Practice Fusion as its API story has developed. Apparently, its API strategy will continue to grow as Practice Fusion just bagged $15 million in additional funding to expand its tools and API portfolio. The expanded API offering aims to expand the opportunities available to health device developers.

Ryan Howard, Practice Fusion CEO, commented:

“Practice Fusion doctors have facilitated six percent of all patient visits in the US this year. This huge reach makes us the front-running health technology company, and we’re going to double that reach next year”

The new round of funding was led by Qualcomm Ventures with other investors including Longitude Capital, Artis Ventures, Industry Ventures, and Band of Angels. The additional funding brings this round to a total of $85 million, and Practice Fusion sees itself as having moved out of the "scrappy startup" stage and evolved into an industry leader. Qualcomm Life Fund Director, Jack Young, commented:

“Practice Fusion is bringing a new level of innovation to the healthcare industry....Considering the reach and potential of the Platform, we’re excited to become a part of their long-term vision, especially as healthcare grows more personalized and mobile than ever before."

Practice Fusion now employs more than 300 people and has facilitated over 55 million patient visits across the US. It manages a portfolio of multiple APIs that continues to spark innovation among the developer community. With continued dedication to its API base, Practice Fusion should continue to lead and innovate the EHR space.

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