Practice Fusion Releases New Imaging API Ahead of EHR Incentive Changes

Practice Fusion, the leader in web-based electronic health records, has launched a Medical Imaging API.  The API release comes just prior to updates to the EHR Incentive Program that will require physicians to order and receive medical images electronically. Through API Integration, imaging centers can serve all of their clients via a single interface. Ryan Howard, Practice Fusion founder and CEO, commented:

"It's 2013, yet MRI orders are still written on carbon forms and radiology reports are still delivered in manila envelopes. We're modernizing and democratizing this crucial health technology by going directly to doctors and patients. Our API Platform cuts through the bureaucratic bloat that has kept healthcare stuck on paper."

Practice Fusion's existing API, a lab API, has connected more than 200 clinical labs with tens of thousands of medical professionals. The API processes over 1 million lab requests per month and more than 100,000 prescriptions each day. With the upcoming changes in the EHR Incentive Program, and over 7,000 licensed medical imaging facilities around the US, the Medical Imaging API should gain similar traction. Bradley Schmidt, CEO of Inglewood Imaging, commented:

"Many of the more than 700 physicians we work with in Los Angeles county are already using Practice Fusion so this partnership is a strategic step for both companies. We want to eliminate the technological barriers stopping doctors from doing their best work. This partnership will make it easier for doctors to run their practice more efficiently and provide better care to patients."

Public Documentation for the imaging API is not currently available. To learn more about the imaging API, visit the imaging site. For full documentation and to become an integration partner, sign up with Practice Fusion today.

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