Prefer To Listen To The News Rather Than Read It? Umano's API Is For You

Everybody wants to know the latest news and there are many applications that provide users with up to the minute news posts and articles. But what about the people who are moving around, rushing to or from work and simply don't have a minute to stop and read the articles that are of interest to them? That's where Umano fits in. It's basically a simple application created to deliver news to people on the go, turning online content into quality audio content read aloud by professional voice actors. Umano's API makes it possible for developers to access this cool functionality and integrate it with other applications as well.


The team at Umano had a vision to build a Platform that allows compelling stories and thoughtful journalism to be consumed as easily and conveniently as listening to the radio. The company achieved this by searching for insightful content online and then getting professional voice actors to tell the story, thereby creating quality audio content. Since conception, the platform has continued to be refined with added features for both Android and iOS. Users are presented with a clean interface and navigation system that allows them to browse through a sub-menu of categories, search the entire Library of audio articles and browse topics, publishers and their own historical activity. Users also have the option to modify their specific preferences via the personalisation tool bar.

In an article on TechCrunch earlier this year, Ian Mendiola, co-founder and CEO at Umano-maker SoThree suggested that,

" The team has bigger goals, too. Mendiola said he wants to add more personalization to the app, so that it can create an automatic playlist based on your interests and the length of your commute. He also wants to “open up more of a voice actor marketplace,” so actors could visit the site and upload their own recordings, rather than waiting for an assignment from Umano."

With Umano's API, developers are free to benefit from these developments and integrate this functionality with other applications or even build new ones. API methods include things like embedding the Umano player, the playback of recordings and listing stories. More information and Documentation can be found on Umano's website.

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