Prefer To Pay Cash? Digital Money For Online Transactions With Rixty's API

For those who frequent the world of cyber shopping and get a kick out of making SWIFT purchases with the click of a button, the convenience of a credit card transaction brings much satisfaction. For those who prefer to pay cash, however, don't have access to a credit card or are perhaps a little apprehensive about sharing sensitive account details online; there's Rixty. It's an alternative payment solution that allows users to spend cash and coins instead of using a credit card. The Rixty API makes it possible for developers to use this system on their own websites.


Users can load their Rixty accounts with cash at over 500 000 retail locations worldwide, exchanging it for digital currency in the form of a code. It's aimed at users who'll use the service to spend their converted Rixty digital currency for multiplayer online games, casual games, virtual worlds and all types of digital content. They'll go to their chosen publisher's website and make a purchase by redeeming their code via the Rixty payment API. Online game and website publishers would be motivated to use a system like Rixty in order to engage with a larger percentage of users who may not have access to credit cards or be comfortable using them.

The Rixty payment API is easy to integrate and can be benefit developers by offering another payment solution for their websites, appealing to a wider audience of potential customers. Developers interested in making use of the API or who require more information will need to fill out a short application form on Rixty's website.

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