Presentation at KeenCon on the "APIs of Things"

Hugo Fiennes, a designer of the Nest, and Co-Fonder and CEO of Eletricimp, speaks at KeenCon regarding the APIs of Things. Coming from both a hardware and software background, his half-hour talk is an informative overview on his experience of designing and implementing IoT devices.

As hardware companies may not always understand network programming, Fiennes encourages companies to think more of the application that is being constructed.  Devices within The IOT are true participants that can "talk as a peer of the internet." According to Fiennes, leveraging analytics to affect the real world is a main purpose, such as an irrigation system with integrated weather predictive analysis. IoT devices should be a true end-to-end solution, incorporating hardware running a virtual machine, an OS, and cloud services for each device. As many devices may be AA battery powered, and offline at any given moment, Fiennes highly recommends caching data with a cloud service specific for each device. 

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