Price Digests Announces New Vehicle API

Price Digests, an asset data provider to the commercial insurance and equipment finance industries, recently announced the Price Digests Vehicle API. The company aims to provide a point of differentiation to its customers by moving toward a Big Data approach to asset valuation. 

The new API provides all of the traditional data points included in the company’s offering (e.g., VIN validation and verification, detailed specifications, and market values) in addition to providing supplemental data that includes asset utilization, popularity, and market price trending. The supplemental content is intended to help customers further assess potential risk. Sam Griffin, Lead Analyst for Price Digests, had this to say about the value of the new offering:

"... Along with our traditional benchmarks, we're excited to see how forward-thinking companies will leverage these new endpoints to build solutions for the on-road vehicle industry."

The theme strongly mentioned by Price Digests in this announcement is that they intend to continue focusing on product innovation. Dan Smith, Managing Director for Price Digests, further demonstrated this commitment by stating that, “Along with the expanded taxonomies, value trends, and new benchmarks, we have a major pipeline of innovation set for release in the coming months. The new API is only the tip of the iceberg.”

For developers interested in learning more about the Price Digests API, make sure to check out the company’s API Portal: 

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