PriceAdvantage Launches API for Fuel Pricing Services

PriceAdvantage, a company that provides fuel price analytic services, has announced a new API that will allow fuel retailers to streamline Integration with the Platform. The company is hoping that the API will simplify the process of importing and exporting pricing data. 

PriceAdvantage services are used by retailers to help set and manage fuel pricing, a complicated process that requires that signs, POS devices, and pumps are synchronized. The API helps with these steps while also aiding in the analysis of the industry data that is used to set pricing. The announcement of the API noted its value:

“The API provides PriceAdvantage customers with an alternative route for exporting critical pricing data – such as all of their commodity and competitor prices, replacement and actual costs, and volumes - for use in third-party analytical tools, such as Tableau and Power BI.”

The API is designed with scalability in mind based on an understanding that customers will require myriad levels of integration. 

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