Primis Adds API Engagement to Video Discovery Unit

Primis, a video discovery Platform, recently introduced API capabilities within its Video Discovery Unit. The Primis Video Player API can be integrated within the discovery unit for real-time communication between the discovery unit and the video publisher. Through the API, Primis users gain critical data to better track and engage with video viewers.

"Our goal is to give our partners and customers the best video experience, and the payer API is an important step towards that goal," Primus Co-CEO, Eyal Betzalel, commented in a press release. "This will help publishers get more familiar with their users and how they engage within their site."

After API Integration, video publishers can track events, and respond accordingly. Events include clicks, impressions, ad engagements, volume toggles, and more. The API allows publishers to track and respond to user interaction in real-time. As an example, the API would allow a publisher to recommend additional videos based on a viewers response to the current video.

Those interested in integrating the API with the discovery unit need to add a unique player ID into the player embed tag code. Once loaded, users can track, respond, and receive notifications of the designated events. The designated response is added through a Callback Function within the API. No parameters are needed as the triggers are based on events. For more information, check out the API guide.

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