Print in the Cloud with TryPaper API

TryPaper, proclaimed a "real cloud printer," allows users to eliminate on premise printing equipment and fully outsource physical printing needs. TryPaper's unique API strategy represents the heart of its value proposition and truly leverages the benefits of cloud computing. Developers can integrate the TryPaper API into existing applications and print directly from the application to a TryPaper print facility.

TryPaper remains in its infancy, as it was founded just last year. Instead of fighting against the increasingly digital world, TryPaper has utilized the next generation of web to streamline the print industry. TryPaper fully realizes the benefit and the inevitable move towards digital communication. However, for the remaining uses for physical print, TryPaper could offer the most efficient path from content to printed version (i.e. API).

The TryPaper API uses REST protocol and returns data in either XML or JSON data formats. Applications can send the API documents in any format, and the wrapper will format the document as needed. Additionally, the API accepts address and contact information for documents that need to be send to third parties. Those interested can sign up at the TryPaper home.

Will a world of no paper documents ever materialize? Who knows. For now, we might as well make physical printing as simple and cheap as possible and leverage existing technology. TryPaper has embraced this attitude and should be able to save most companies/people money for those must-have-paper projects.

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