Printchomp Print API Brings Scalable Print Functionality to Apps

Despite the rise of the digital age, print has stood its ground. Take the humble business card, for example, or 3-D prints, photo books and product labels, to name a few. The fact is, the market is big, and having a tool that enables websites or apps to offer customizable print and delivery options to their users is gold. Printchomp's Print API is just the kind of offering that could put the power of a user-friendly print and mail infrastructure at the developer's fingertips.

Printchomp simplifies the process of searching, ordering and tracking when it comes to any print job. It's a real-time marketplace for printed goods, a tool that helps both individual customers and businesses connect with the best commercial printer for their specific needs. The demand for access to this kind of network of printers and automated ordering process was increasing in the developer world, and after an astounding response to the initial limited API, the company decided to open it up to a wider audience. The Printchomp API is built to be developer-friendly, integrating simply into core languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Python and Ruby.

We chatted with Joseph Puopolo, founder and CEO of Printchomp, about some of the advantages the API offers. Here's what he had to say:

Our API has multiple advantages, because of the depth and breadth of our printer network we can literally offer any print product in any configuration. The flexibility of having over 10,000 printers means we can handle any print need, big or small. Additionally, we architected our system to quickly spin up new products if needed for a certain API implementation. Therefore, if an API partner doesn't see what they are looking for, we can create it in a matter of minutes for them. We also provide multiple methods to help a developer monetize their existing application. Many groups have a thriving user community but have not yet monetized print because they didn't have the infrastructure. Our API provides them an instant print infrastructure that they can quickly leverage and build on.

Puopolo also informed us that Printchomp will soon announce further partnerships on the supply side of the API. This will further extend the functionality of the API, adding value to both API partners and end users.

Further information is available on the Printchomp website.

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