Printful API Lets You Print T-Shirts, Posters and More in Small Numbers

Got a business idea that requires custom printing in small quantities? Printful has you covered. The company aims to be the ultimate drop shipping company, but what really makes it special, according to Printful, is its Printful API, which the company announced at launch earlier this week.

Here is how the service works. Say you have an idea for a great T-shirt design, but you aren’t ready to print hundreds yet because who knows how it is going to sell. You can promote your artistic endeavor via your blog, eBay or other service, and send the orders through Printful on an as-need basis. Your shirt will ship in three to five days.

Based out of Los Angeles, Printful fulfills and ships printed products such as posters, T-shirts, canvases. The company encourages small, one-off orders, which you can print and sell for a small profit. The system lets any small site or blog monetize their content, or anyone with basic skills to easily sell their digital artwork on posters or T-shirts.

Everything is printed and shipped from Los Angeles, and the company ships all over the world. Printful is a spanking new company, but its team claims to have experience creating several e-commerce stores in the past, including Behappy, Friendly Bracelets, Startup Vitamins.

Printful is a RESTful API that returns JSON or XML. Developers can use it to link directly to the Printful store, but orders can also be submitted manually. Printful feels that its API is what sets it apart from other print companies, however, it is worth mentioning that other on-demand printing services, such as Print Aura or Pwinty, also offer an API.

The company plans to offer more products with time, as well as to integrate with Shopify, the popular online e-commerce Platform.

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