Printzel API: Creating Stylish Photo Books Goes Mobile

For snap-happy smartphone and tablet users, having somewhere to store their treasured pics is probably very appealing. Photo books have been a trendy favourite for a while now, and Printzel is an app-powered Platform that allows users to create their own printed photo books directly from their mobile and tablet devices. The company also provides the Printzel API that now makes it possible for developers to offer printed books from their own applications.


The folks at Printzel set out to create a solution for creating customisable printed photo books that would focus on the mobile and tablet arena. With the aim of focussing solely on this specific area and perfecting it before looking into other products, the service offers a variety of options for just books for now. Users can currently choose from 3 sizes (6x4.5, 8x6 and 12x9), 4 cover finishes (photo softcover, photo hardcover, linen hardcover and leather hardcover) and 5 cover colours (black, grey, brown, cream and white). Users can view their customised books before ordering the printed copies and even share them with friends and family, giving them the option to order their own copies.

Printzel's REST API is aimed at enabling developers to offer their users the option to create these photo books from within their apps, without having to leave them. Printzel still handles the printing, shipping, billing and customer support. Interested developers can head to Printzel's website to access a preview of the API and iOS SDK Documentation, or contact the company at for more information.

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