Prismic Launches Alpha GraphQL API

PrismicTrack this API recently announced an Alpha launch of the GraphQL API. Prismic Tweeted interest in GraphQL earlier this summer, and then apparently got to work. In an email to developers, the company stated:

"So many developers told us that they want a GraphQL API in Prismic! We had no choice but to make it the priority. After some weeks of development and testing, the GraphQL API is ready to be tried out."

During the Alpha release, Prismic is easing developers into the API. You can request access for your repository here. However, it may take a few days for you to receive access. Prismic is methodically inviting requesters to try it out, do avoid breaks. The company states that requesters should gain access no later than 3 days after their request.

As with any Alpha release, expect some bug. Prismic encourages developers to try it out and report back any bugs and other feedback. You can learn more about how the GraphQL API came to be, and hear an at length Prismic discussion on pagination and caching here.

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