Process and Track Orders Across Multiple Sites and Apps with ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy consists of a cloud-based Platform that allows online merchants to manage the processing and tracking of orders from a single interface. Merchants can integrate shipping information from multiple sites (e.g. eBay, personal site, physical warehouse, etc.) with the same interface and shop rates across various carrier lines. In addition to over ten existing integrations with e-commerce sites (e.g. Magento, eBay, Shopify, etc.), ShippingEasy offers a custom API that allows developers to incorporate the ShippingEasy platform into third party apps and sites.

ShippingEasy founder, Mark Helvadjian, explained the ease ShippingEasy brings to online retailers:

"We offer free integrations in over 12 eCommerce platforms and an extensive API gallery, meaning online retailers can ensure they have a seamless fulfillment process from the point of order through to final delivery. As well as a seamless purchasing experience, customers expect their goods to be delivered according to their individual schedule, and at a competitive rate."

ShippingEasy can boast of Integration with the web's leaders in ecommerce as well as its strong partnerships on the shipping side. Given the strong ecosystem on both ends of its service leaves no wonder why ShippingEasy has enjoyed a substantial customer base in the SME space as well as an appeal for the enterprise. Common testimonials mirror that of Nabele Natural Products:

"Just switched to Shipping Easy from a previous shipping app. It's far superior in pretty much every way. Much better flow and interface than what I was previously using."

The ShippingEasy API uses REST protocol and responds in a JSON data format. Most of the data available on the ShippingEasy platform remains available via the API. From basic tracking to insurance information, the ShippingEasy API gives developers anend to end view of the shipping process. Those interested can learn more at the API site.

ShippingEasy estimates that consumers abandon almost half of ecommerce transactions due to inadequate shipping options. ShippingEasy aims to eliminate all pains traditionally associated with shipping and offer the same, seamless environment for retailers of all shapes and sizes.

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