A Professional Touch For Social Snaps: PhotoCat API

In a world where social networks are a big part of everyday life, photo uploading and sharing has become hugely popular and with that, the need for the average person to be able to easily edit their photos as they please. PhotoCat is an online and mobile application for editing and retouching images. Created by a team of photography and tech enthusiasts, the application is designed to make photo editing a fun and simple experience for anyone. PhotoCat's API makes this functionality available to be integrated with other applications.


PhotoCat is a free service that is available on the web and iOS. The application is still in its early stages, but the current features include:

  • Photo Editing - the application provides comprehensive and easy-to-use editing tools and effects.
  • Photo Retouching - users can transform and enhance their images with powerful retouching tools.
  • Collage - users can create their image collages using the DIY, Template or Picstrip tools.

The PhotoCat API's main method is to retrieve photo information and load images to edit. The API is free to use and more information is available on the PhotoCat website.

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