Profile Software Launches Acumen-net eFX

Profile Software, a banking and investment management solution provider, has launched Acumen-net eFX. The new solution allows banks and their clients to access and manage risk associated with foreign exchange. The new offering Builds on the company's existing treasury management Platform.

The new solution can integrate with existing Acumen-net solutions and third-party banking platforms. It can be used as a standalone tool as well. On-premise and cloud-based options are available for flexible deployment options. It includes a responsive User Interface, omni-device access, and API enabled connectivity.

Additionally, Acumen-net eFX has white label functionality that makes it readily available for Integration with any platform or data provider. It includes access to multiple exchange rate feeds and finds the best rates for customers. Additional features include FX spot and FX forward, real-time FX rates, automatic dealing, quote request, timer, position summary, position monitoring, and 360-degree client view.

This new offering is a single, end to end solution for banking sales desks. Profile Software looks to be the partner for banks executing a Digital Transformation strategy. Its tools, including the latest offering, should improve the client experience and empower treasury professions with cutting edge tools. Check out more at the Acumen-net page.

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