ProfitBricks Adds REST APIs to Cloud Service

Looking to increase the appeal to developers of its cloud computing platforms, ProfitBricks today announced it is adding support for REST APIs.

In addition, ProfitBricks disclosed it has created an SDK based on Python alongside three libraries that developers can invoke to build and deploy applications in the cloud. Those libraries are LibCloud, a Python Library that uses a unified API; Fog, a Ruby cloud services library; and jclouds, a Java language multicloud library.

Finally, ProfitBricks also unfurled DevOps Central, an online community for IT operations teams using the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) Platform. ProfitBricks is offering a 33% discount for organizations that join the DevOps Central community beta program.

ProfitBricks chief marketing officer Andreas Gauger says the company is committed to making every element of the ProfitBricks cloud programmable via REST APIs. Over time, ProfitBricks will also make SDKs available for multiple programming languages in addition to continuing to expand the number of libraries it makes available, he says.

Gauger says there has been a surge of interest in the cloud service provider’s data center facilities — two in Germany and one in the U.S. — because of the data sovereignty and security policies the German government has PUT in place. At the same time, ProfitBricks plans to expand its U.S. operations by adding a data center on the East Coast to complement the one it currently operates out of a hosting facility in Las Vegas.

In general, Gauger says that ProfitBricks not only provides access to data center facilities in the U.S. and Germany, it does so at price points that it guarantees will be lower than comparable services on Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine or Microsoft Azure. A key reason that ProfitBricks can make that guarantee, says Gauger, is that its cloud services are based on InfiniBand storage systems manufactured by Mellanox Technologies.

Cloud service providers of all sizes are battling for the hearts and minds of developers around the globe. One of the more interesting aspects of application deployments in the cloud is that there is not only a lot of migration between applications in and out of the cloud, but also between them. The result is that many organizations may use one cloud service to develop an application, but actually deploy it somewhere else in production.

As a smaller cloud service provider, ProfitBricks is clearly betting that better performance delivered on both sides of the Atlantic, alongside lower pricing, will make it a preferred destination for cloud applications.

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