Program Got Bugs? Bugsnag Will Keep You Posted

Nobody likes it when their application crashes out of the blue for no apparent reason. Bugsnag, a service that notifies you about application errors in real time, debuted its Bugsnag API to help you track exceptions and pinpoint problems across stacks.

The new Bugsnag API is a simple JSON-based API that offers full read-write access to your Bugsnag account. The API, which is well suited for companies with teams and existing infrastructure, allows developers to initiate new Bugsnag projects and add users programmatically.

Bugsnag automatically detects crashes and other errors from web and mobile applications and notifies you in real time by email, SMS and chat. If you need more information, a sophisticated dashboard provides a summary of exactly where and when the error happened, and how many users were affected. For mobile errors, the service even gives you a breakdown of which app and O/S versions are crashing.

Bugsnag also shows you when a new exception type occurs or when a particular exception shows a burst in activity. You can also see how many times each exception occurred, how many users experienced the problem, and track the version that is causing the problem.

What separates Bugsnag from its competition is that it detects errors across all development stacks, including backend (Rails, Django, PHP, Node.js) and client-side (Android, iOS, Unity).

Since the Bugsnag API gives full access to diagnostic data from each crash, you can use it to automate data recovery or to automatically notify users affected by a crash—another way of letting your customers know you’re on top of things.

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