ProgrammableWeb 2.0 Goes Live

Version 2 of is now live. What's new? Just about all of it, every page is different. Perhaps the biggest change is the addition of 3 "dashboards" which now serve as the site's main hubs.

  • Home Page Dashboard: The home page has gone from being just a static site index to a useful page that updates daily. It summarizes the latest mashups, includes metrics and charts tracking API and mashup growth, includes blog snippets, and other odds and ends.

ProgrammableWeb Home

  • Mashup Dashboard: Focuses only on the mashup and examples side of things, leading-off with the Mashup of the Day.

Mashup of the Day

  • API Dashboard: Does the same for APIs: Featured API, latest APIs, popular searches, etc. Charts showing distribution of mashups by API allow drill-down let you see at a glance which APIs get the most mashup use (and yes, it may be a long time before Google Maps doesn't have the biggest slice).

API Chart

Other updates include:

  • Scalability: Paging support has been added for the lists. With 600+ mashups listed, this was becoming unwieldy to say the least. And overall performance has generally been improved.
  • Metrics: This is the tracking the ecosystem piece. There are a variety of charts that get updated daily. Some get rotated in or out over time. Eventually there will be a /stats page.

Mashup Growth Chart

  • Content: All APIs and mashups now get graphics. This is particularly useful for the mashups as you can get a quick feel for each mashup without having to go visit the site.

Mashup Detail Page

  • There's also a new FAQ page, which is a bit thin now but will grow over time.
  • Community: Comments and voting now for both links and APIs. Other features along this line didn't make this cut, but will be in next time.
  • Serendipity: There's a certain serendipity factor inside now. A few bits of random selection and recommendation that should keep things a bit more engaging...

Lots of other updates, more on those later. In the meantime checkout the new site. Feedback always welcome.

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[...] As of a few hours ago, Programmable Web 2.0 has gone live!  This site has always been interesting for those who are intested in the interactions between web services; some new features make even more so, including dashboard summarizes of the latest mashups (updated daily), and includes metrics and charts tracking API and mashup growth, as well as blog snippets, and other odds and ends. By far the best page has not changed but remains great: the matrix lists and links to most, if not all, possible ways to mashup various web services. [...]