ProgrammableWeb API Directory Milestone: 8,000 APIs Infographic

On November 26th, 2012 the ProgrammableWeb API directory reached the milestone of 8,000 APIs. This is a long way from the 32 APIs ProgrammableWeb started out with back in the Summer of 2005.

API development and consumption is increasing exponentially and is reshaping the web. APIs are used to power website, mobile and third-party applications. There are web APIs, browser APIs, device APIs and software APIs. APIs are quickly becoming a must-have marketing tool for businesses and brands, especially technology-driven companies, products and services.

To celebrate reaching the 8,000 APIs milestone, ProgrammableWeb has put together an infographic to illustrate the rising popularity, usage and importance of APIs.

8000 APIs

Click on the image above to View the Hi-Res, Full Sized Infographic (1200 x 4368)

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