ProgrammableWeb Joins Alcatel-Lucent

ProgrammableWeb has seen many notable milestones since our inception five years ago. We were excited when the repository of APIs grew to 100 entries (now over 2000), when the count of mashups hit 500 (now nearly 5000), and seeing the myriad of ways open APIs have become such a phenomenon. And now today we are excited to say that ProgrammableWeb itself is entering a new phase of growth with the announcement of our acquisition by Alcatel-Lucent.

This milestone is a great opportunity for ProgrammableWeb and our community to work with a global organization who gets what open APIs are about, who value the independence of ProgrammableWeb, and who want to grow the open API ecosystem both in the world of telecommunications and beyond. In the end this step will bring PW to a whole new level in terms of fulfilling our mission to be the go-to place for open API developers.

What does this mean for the future of ProgrammableWeb? In addition to remaining the independent home to APIs, this partnership gives us the resources to scale by delivering more timely and focused coverage, expanding our directory, and adding new services for developers. By joining with Alcatel-Lucent we are part of an organization with a compelling vision to be a bridge between developers, enterprises, and service providers, which neatly fits our long-term strategy.

And we want to thank our readers and the thousands of developers who've helped build our unique community. It's the passion and innovation of mashup developers, who show us what's possible with open APIs, that has been our inspiration. And many thanks to our writers and team behind the scenes who have been so instrumental to our success. Here's to the next phase of the programmable web!