ProgrammableWeb One Year Later

A year ago this week ProgrammableWeb launched. Of course it's been quite a year here and a lot has changed since then. Just start with the core database: there has been a sixfold increase in the number of APIs and ten times as many mashups. Here are the basic numbers:

From a media perspective the topic of APIs and mashups really started to take off this year with ProgrammableWeb getting dozens of press mentions including mainstream media like Newsweek, CBS News, New Scientist, Assoicated Press and Der Spiegel.

Besides just number of APIs and mashups, the site itself has really grown from a features perspective:

  • Mashup Matrix: one of the most popular features -- an interactive tool for visualizing the mashup ecosystem by showing how API x + API y = ?. Over time a number of people have commented on the "white space" in the matrix, that is, where are the opportunities for combining things that haven't been combined before.
  • The dashboards: Home, APIs, and Mashups.
  • How-to Guide that organizes 40+ articles on building your own mashups.
  • Technical Reference Guide that organizes material on RSS, microformats, and other web-as-platform components.
  • Contest Guide currently listing 16 ongoing and recent API/mashup contests.
  • Charts and sparklines to chart the growth of the API and mashup ecosystem.

One other very popular feature is ability to directly subscribe to feeds of new mashups, APIs, and now, starting this month, updates to wikis and comments (more on the last one soon).

And since much of what's here comes from readers and visitors -- a big thanks to the thousands of people who have contributed links, comments, ideas and other content.

I think the coming year will be at least as interesting...


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Happy birthday!

And thank you, John, for putting the time and effort into this site, the matrix, the daily blog posts, the guide, etc. I think you have your finger on the pulse of something important here, and your work on ProgammableWeb makes it that much easier for all of us to come together as a community.



Happy birthdday (almost)! This is a great site, anytime anyone asks me "Mashup, what the hell is that?" - I send them here! Great site, great info, great job -- look forward to see more!!