ProgrammableWeb v1.1

Welcome to ProgrammableWeb v1.1. On the surface this site may not look much different, but on closer inspection there's a variety of new features:

  • Tags: Was bound to happen. Only surprise is how long it took me to get them to work right ;-). All links and APIs can be tagged. Both the syntax and semantics are designed to mimic those at '/tag/<tagname>[+<tagname>...]'. For example there's /tag/mapping+photo or /tag/shopping. You can get an idea of what tags are used by looking at the 'Tags' section on any Detail page such as Housing Maps or UK Traveldata. It's quite useful and combined with three features below gives a much improved way to keep up on the APIs and Mashups.
  • Categories: The APIs are now categorized. For an example see the main API listing. Each API is assigned to a primary category such as Mapping or Search.
  • Update Dates: Lists and detail pages show you the last time something was updated or added. Both the API list and the Mashup list have it.
  • Sorting: Tables & lists are now all sortable. Click on the heading once to sort ascending, a second time for descending. Especially helpful if you want to see items by date via the Updated column. This is done via client-side JavaScript so there's no need to wait for server round-trip.
  • Examples and Mashups are "mashed": The menu bar above now has one less choice than yesterday -- 'Examples' is no more. The narrow distinction between what's an 'example', initially intended to be a use of an API without necessarily combining it with another API, turned-out to be too nebulous a distinction to sustain. Most examples never lived on their own anyway: somebody used an API and did a 'mix-in' of something else, even if it wasn't from an API. Are there gray areas? Of course, but I'll leave the debate over the exact definition of Mashup for another day. And note, all items that were under Examples are still here, now under Mashups.

Feel free to let me know if there are other things you'd like to see on the site. Now, where's that release party again? ...


Comments (2)

Nice - good to see less UI in 1.1 (sans 'examples') than in 1.0: the software world can learn much from you :0