ProgrammableWeb's Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2018: Application Development and Developer Tools

This segment of the past year's Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs added to ProgrammableWeb covers the Application Development, DevOps, and Developer Tools areas. Tools and technology that helps make a developer's life easier, including APIs from Google, GitHub, and Amazon Web Services, are included.

Developers rely on tools and APIs for every step of the development process. Developer tools for finding code, monitoring systems, creating UI, converting data, server administration, optimizing performance, busting bugs, DevOps, billing, marketing, licensing and selling applications are all available with APIs for Integration. A few hundred APIs were added to the ProgrammableWeb Directory this past year in the categories that encompass this article including Application Development, Captcha, Cloud, Conversions, DevOps, Feeds, Framework, Languages, Monitoring, Notifications, Parsing, Storage, Testing, Tools, and Translation. Below are some highlights chosen by our editors, readers, and followers. Let us know what we missed.

CronAlarm is a cron jobs Platform that supports the monitoring, recording, and organization of scheduled tasks. Use the CronAlarm APITrack this API to integrate the CronAlarm jobs and tasks scheduling functionality into applications.

How CronAlarm API works

How CronAlarm API works. Image: CronAlarm is an API-first CMS. The Comfortable APITrack this API allows developers to integrate a cloud-based CMS with any platform or Framework they choose. API users can aggregate, filter, and sort any kind of content or data as well as create collections. Comfortable comes with rich content editing and can be used to create drafts and to review and restore older versions of content.

Comfortable API can integrate with any platform and framework

Comfortable API can integrate with any platform and framework. Image:

Sourcegraph Server is an open Source Code search server. The Sourcegraph APITrack this API allows developers to find code using intelligence search. It's available with GraphQL architecture that supports full-text and regexp code search, git-level metadata, raw git commands, dependency graph queries, and repository and user metadata.

Install IPA APITrack this API creates Over the Air (OTA) installation links for iOS Apps. This API allows iOS apps to be installed by clicking a link, rather than uploading the app via USB in iTunes. It is designed to assist in the live device testing phase of iOS app development.

Jenkins Remote Access APITrack this API provides programmatic access to Jenkins, an open source automation server designed to support the deployment and automation of any kind of project. This API can be used to create or copy jobs, trigger a new build, or retrieve information from Jenkins for programmatic consumption.

Solve Recaptcha APITrack this API automatically solves Google's recaptcha2 captchas via data-sitekey. The API is fee-based depending on the number of threads per month.

Payara is an open source Java application server. The Payara Server Administration and Monitoring APITrack this API allows users to interact with the Payara Server's DAS through a REST interface. Payara is a member of the Eclipse Foundation built and supported by a team of DevOps engineers.

BackendBox allows developers to access and manage their backend's anonymous functions. The BackendBox APITrack this API is used to retrieve lambda (anonymous) functions, retrieve account information, and more.

Merriam.IO is a translation and language detection cloud API based on Google Translate. The Merriam.IO APITrack this API allows developers to detect up to 180 languages of a text string. The API features multiple SDKs for different coding languages, easy integration, secure mode, analytics, IP access management and more.

FakeJSON APITrack this API is used to generate fake data for third-party applications. The API creates test data for Mocking purposes, and returns information in JSON format.

appScatter is an app management platform that monitors 300+ app stores and allows developers to pick 50 of the best performing stores to host their applications. The appScatter open APITrack this API allows developers access to global vendor communities for data. The API allows users to query Apple App Store, Google Play store, Tencent Store and 20+ other app stores. appScatter provides registered users access to API Documentation.

Determine the best marketplaces to distribute applications with appScatter

Determine the best marketplaces to distribute applications with appScatter. Image: appScatter

GitHub Checks APITrack this API lets users send detailed information about the checks integrations run. View feedback from code checks directly in the pull request view, view the code that is causing a problem and more with this API.

Contentjet is an API-first content management system (CMS). The REST-based Contentjet APITrack this API offers custom entry types, per-project user management system, and is designed to support IoT devices, mobile applications and websites.

GraphCMS is an API-first content management system provider that utilizes the GraphQL platform. The GraphCMS Relay APITrack this API supports the deployment of Facebook's Relay GraphQL client when integrating GraphCMS in web, mobile, and other applications. Also, tje GraphCMS Simple APITrack this API supports the integration GraphCMS in web, mobile, and other applications, and is an alternative for developers that don't use Facebook's Relay GraphQL client. The Simple API allows users to build content APIs with automatically generated queries to Fetch all entries of a certain model.

Contentstack is an API-first content management system (CMS). The Contentstack Content Management APITrack this API assists with the accounts of content management applications, such as s creating, updating, deleting, and fetching the content of a given account. The Contentstack Content Delivery APITrack this API retrieves content to deliver to web and mobile properties. The Contentstack Image Delivery APITrack this API returns image data to retrieve, manipulate and convert image files of the Contentstack account to deliver via web and mobile.

AppShift Mobile App Store APITrack this API allows developers to interact with Apple iTunes and Google Play using a RESTful interface. The API can be used to find details on every app listed in the stores, view developers profiles for those apps, view category details and hierarchy, and track top apps, trending apps, editor's choice, and more.

Google Cloud Billing Catalog APITrack this API offers real-time access to authoritative Google Cloud Platform (GCP) list pricing. The API allows developers to manage billing for their Google Cloud Platform projects programmatically with methods available to retrieve billing account data, estimate costs, predict the amount of bills and more.

Google's Firebase platform provides tools to develop applications for monetizing business. The Firebase Summit was earlier this week, where a number of announcements were made, including the release of the Firebase Management API. The Google Firebase Management APITrack this API allows developers to create and manage Firebase projects within third party workflows and applications. API methods are available to manage projects and resources.

The Firebase Management API is mentioned in the top 5 highlights from Firebase Summit 2018 Video: YouTube/Google Developers allows applications to extract dates in natural language to their systematic equivalent. Date Parser NLP APITrack this API features multiple dates extraction, position and exact wording of the dates extracted, support of International date notation or American date notation, various date expressions ("2 months from now"), and speed.

Date Parser NLP API understands any format of a calendar date

Date Parser NLP API understands any format of a calendar date. Image:

WhoAPI provides a set of APIs to transform raw domain data into machine readable outputs. Among their offerings are: WhoAPI IP Whois APITrack this API provides access to IP address whois information. WhoAPI Domain Availability APITrack this API allows users to check domain availability for registration. WhoAPI Email Blacklist APITrack this API allows users to check the status of a domain name and IP address on popular email blacklists.

rss2json APITrack this API allows developers to convert a RSS Feed to JSON by submitting its URL. The items in a feed can be sorted by publication date, title, or author in ascending or descending order.

Binomads APITrack this API aids the detection of broken links of any website. The API returns all responses in JSON format.

Amazon Web Services X-Ray service collects data for requests that an application serves, and provides tools to view, filter, and gain insights into that data. The AWS X-Ray APITrack this API allows users to manage debug traces, retrieve service maps, retrieve data created by processing those traces and more.

Feedity can instantly generate feeds for almost any public webpage into RSS, notifications, spreadsheets or APIs. Feedity can extract data, create feeds with the latest updates, and generate podcast feeds directly from webpages. The Feedity Feeds APITrack this API allows developers to programmatically interact with public content using a Cloud feed parser and generator. The API provides a way to build custom data feeds on-the-fly from frequently-updated Web content, and easily manage existing feeds.

Feedity architecure diagram

Feedity architecure diagram. Image: Feedity

Kvpbase is an object storage service designed for developers. The Kvpbase APITrack this API can be deployed on the cloud or on developer machines, and uses no databases. This leaves a small CPU/memory footprint. The API supports Container administration, cleanups, and more.

Pushover is a notification service for Android, iPhone, iPad, and desktop Web Browsers. Pushover is provided by a technology company called Superblock. APIs available include: Pushover Glances APITrack this API allows developers to push short strings of text or numerical data to a constantly-updating screen (such as a smartwatch) or widget. These pieces of data should be low-priority. They should also be concise since they are likely to be viewed on small screens, such as a watch face. Also, Pushover Delivery Groups APITrack this API, Pushover Open Client APITrack this API, and Pushover Licensing APITrack this API.

Fono API (fonoAPI) returns JSON data about mobile device descriptions, including model brand, processor, and weight. Over 8000 different descriptions are available.

Bugfender is a provider of "Cloud Storage for Your App Logs." The Bugfender APITrack this API performs remote logging functions for iOS and Android applications. Bugfender stores application logs on the Bugfender server and creates a remote console where developers can view logs in real time. Bugfender logs nearly everything, not just app crashes, and even continues to log when the device is offline. This is an indirect API that can only be accessed via SDKs, including the Bugfender Cordova SDK, Bugfender, iOS SDKTrack this Framework/Library, Bugfender Xamarin SDK, Bugfender SLF4J Java SDK and Bugfender macOS SDK.

Bugfender API

Screenshot: Bugfender

Labstack provides services to expose local servers to the internet securely. The Labstack APITrack this API is available to verify email addresses, compress audio, video and images, return IP information, create visual charts from URL data and more.

Rapid7 provides visibility, analytics, and automation to unite security, IT, and DevOps teams (Security Ops). Rapid7 recently announced API access to its InsightAppSec security solution. The Rapid7 InsightAppSec APITrack this API allows users to update application data, update applications, manage users, retrieve and manage scan config, perform searches and more.

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