ProgrammableWeb's Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2018: Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Computing is next up in our series about the Most Interesting APIs added to ProgrammableWeb in 2018. Cognitive Computing APIs encompass Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Recognition, Speech, Voice, Natural Language Processing, Augmented Reality, Predictions, Algorithms, Sentiment Analysis and other disciplines that attempt to simulate human thought process.

Though AI technology can only do about half of what it should be doing (for more on this check out, Why Enterprise APIs Are Key to Fully Leveraging Artificial Intelligence), and definitely is not always perfect, the industry is rapidly improving, and advancements in AI and ML technology from Samsung, Google, Amazon, Apple, Oracle, Facebook, Microsoft, and eBay were all announced this year, as well as dozens of APIs from smaller players and start ups. Here are some highlights in the AI/Cognitive Computing categories.

The following APIs made our list because our readers, followers and editors singled them out as Interesting APIs in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other Cognitive Computing categories.

Amazon provided several tools to integrate with Alexa, its AI virtual assistant. Alexa Customer Profile API enables users to query the Alexa Profile for customer contact information. It allows an application to request the customer's permission for contact information including; name, email address and phone number. Developers can use the Alexa Skills Shopping and To Do List API to retrieve to-do list and shopping list data from Alexa devices. In addition, developers can enable Alexa customers to create and manage custom lists. Also from Amazon, Alexa Auto SDK enables users to integrate Alexa into an automobile. Developers can use the Amazon Alexa Auto Android SDK or Amazon Alexa Auto C++ SDK to allow applications to enable audio input, media playback, template rendering, phone control and more. Vehicles will be able to process audio inputs and triggers, establish a connection with the Alexa service, and handle all Alexa interactions.

Here are some of the available platform interfaces in the Alexa Auto SDK

Here are some of the available Platform interfaces in the Alexa Auto SDK. Diagram Amazon Alexa/GitHub

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon Personalize API is a service for contextual personalization and recommendations based on machine learning. The API provides a way to create a custom algorithm, remove a campaign, describe an event tracker, and return a list of datasets. It can be procured for applications for better search results, managing email campaigns, and sending notifications.

Microsoft Unified AI Speech API aims to improve the developer experience by unifying several speech APIs into one format. Microsoft also made improvements to its Cognitive Services Face API to ensure accuracy across gender and skin tone differences.

Google expanded AI offerings with the new Contact Center AI and updates to Cloud AutoML Vision, Natural Language, Translation, and Dialogflow Enterprise Edition. The company also added new AI features to its Cloud Video Intelligence API including identification of key entities for search and text and language detection. Finally, Google released the ML Kit, a SDK with five core APIs to gives mobile developers the power to add machine learning to their apps using Firebase.

Facebook Pytorch is an AI framework developers can use to work on projects from the research stage the production stage.

Everypixel is a stock image search engine that uses AI to analyze images. The company recently expanded its API services to include the Everypixel User Generated Photography Scoring APITrack this API. This API enables photo scoring functions in applications. The scoring is based on a model trained on 347,000 user photos from Instagram, and focuses on technical features such as brightness, contrast, and noise. Scoring methods range from very bad (0-20) to excellent (80-100).

Here's an average photo according to Everypixel UGP Scoring API

Here's an average photo according to Everypixel UGP Scoring API. Image: Everypixel

OpenALPR stands for "Open Automatic License Plate Recognition". The OpenALPR API recognizes and returns auto license plates and make, model, and color of a vehicle.


OpenALPR API allows users to recognize license plate numbers on moving cars. Video: Vimeo/OpenALPR

Reconess is an Artificial Intelligence service. The Reconess APITrack this API returns face analysis, face detection, face identification, face landmarks, and face verification data in JSON or XML format. Reconess API can detect and locate one or more human faces within an image or video and will return precise face location boxes and head pose.

Reconess API returns facial recognition information from images and videos

Reconess API returns facial recognition information from images and videos. Image: Reconess is an image recognition service. The Vize APITrack this API recognizes images with artificial intelligence and classifies images, assists with image upload, and trains new models for identification. Developers can use the API to create, manage, and deploy custom recognition models. The API can be useful for Real Estate, E-Commerce, IoT, and other industry applications with specific, customized image recognition needs.


Cloudmersive provides scalable, computer vision and natural language APIs. The Cloudmersive Image Recognition and Processing APITrack this API recognize faces in an PNG or JPEG formatted images. With the API, developers can caption images, recognize faces, and resize pictures.

Foxy AI uses Artificial Intelligence techonology to accurately value residential property. It can estimate property values based on photos and automatically detect room types for classification purposes. The Foxy AI APITrack this API allows developers to access information on visual real estate applications.

VuMark is an augmented reality enabled barcode service. The VuMark Generation APITrack this API generates printable instances of a VuMark. It allows brand to customize a 3D barcode design while simultaneously encoding data and acting as an AR target. A unique VuMark barcode can be created for each unique object.

VuMarks can store encoded data and initialize an AR experience

VuMarks can store encoded data and initialize an AR experience. Image: Vuforia

WebXR Device APITrack this API offers access to input and output capabilities that are associated with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) hardware headsets. The specification provides interfaces that allow developers to create Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences on a web site, VR headset or AR enabled phone.

Meqem enables developers to add forecasting services to applications. Meqem can train AI and automatically process time series data for users. The Meqem APITrack this API is useful for SaaS, eCommerce and infrastructure forecasting, maintenance planning, sales forecasting, product demand, and much more.

Developers can send a JSON file and Meqem will return forecast data in the same JSON format.

Developers can send a JSON file and Meqem will return forecast data in the same JSON format. Image: Meqem

Nexosis offers a Machine Learning APITrack this API which can be used to solve time series problems with impact analysis and forecasting. The API features dozens of algorithms that include error rate, which developers can use for scalable model building. Use the API to build applications which automate data relationships and data labeling. API methods are available for managing datasets, managing imports and models, receiving metrics, and more.

SummarizeBot provides artificial intelligence and Blockchain-powered solutions for text and multimedia analysis. The SummarizeBot APITrack this API allows applications to scrape web articles, summarize text from documents or the web (or audio and video content). Use the API for sentiment analysis and extraction of text, videos, and images. More than 100 languages are included and supported file types include .doc, .pdf, .epub, .csv, .pptx, .rtf and others.

SummarizeBot application screenshots

SummarizeBot application screenshots. Image: SummarizeBot

Twinword Emotion Analysis APITrack this API enables developers to build software that reads and detects the emotions of text in a paragraph. The technology is based on artificial intelligence analysis of user intent, topic, or pattern.

Twinword Emotion Analysis API enables apps to read emotions in text

Twinword Emotion Analysis API enables apps to read emotions in text. Image: Twinword Inc.

AI Mastering is an artificial intelligence-powered audio mastering service. With the AI Mastering APITrack this API, users can upload audio, master it, and download the output audio. The technology includes a powerful limiter to balance loudness and dynamic range.

Galiboo is an AI company that provides an integrative interface for Hummingbird AI music technology. The Galiboo Music APITrack this API returns music metadata, assisted by artificial intelligence. The API returns similar music, similar artists, users, events, track and artist metadata in JSON format.

SketchFab provides services that enable developers with the ability to publish, share and discover 3D content for web, mobile, Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR). The SketchFab Login API allows users to publish 3D content on Sketchfab without leaving another application. The SketchFab Download APITrack this API allows developers to download 3D models from Sketchfab. It is a REST-like API that provides a way to download a Library of over 150,000 free models, licensed under Creative Commons in glTF format. A third API, the SketchFab oEmbed APITrack this API allows users to embed any SketchFab model on any website, and includes parameters for URL, maxwidth, and maxheight.

Examples of downloadable models available on SketchFab via API

Examples of downloadable models available on SketchFab via API. Image: SketchFab

Falkonry uses machine learning to make industrial operations run smoothly. The platform extracts data from industrial source systems such as PLCs, servers, and sensors and offers a solution that integrates with operations management and monitoring systems. The Falkonry Pipeline APITrack this API allows the creation of pipelines, loads signal data into the pipeline's event buffer, retrieves conditions assessment data, and more.

Perfect Tense is a spelling and grammar API powered by artificial intelligence. The Perfect Tense APITrack this API will return proofread text, with spelling and grammar corrections to any text input.

Save time editing with the Perfect Tense proofreading API

Save time editing with the Perfect Tense proofreading API. Screenshot: Perfect Tense

XPRESSO is an AniMoji (animated emoji) prediction and creation service. The XPRESSO Search APITrack this API enables applications to match words with an emotion and return a personalized avatar as GIF data.


Screenshot: XPRESSO

The Rossum AI Elis Invoice Extraction APITrack this API provides a universal invoice extraction service based on Artificial Intelligence. This API currently supports English (UK, US and world regions), German (DE region) and Czech language invoices, with more languages being added as we train them. Model covers the full standard taxonomy of invoice data, as detailed in our Documentation.

Plino is an intelligent spam filtering platform that is powered by a custom Naive Bayes Classifier. The Plino APITrack this API allows developers to build spam filtering applications. The RESTful API conveys requests and responses in JSON format.

Plino API

Screenshot: Plino

Senno is a BlockChain-based sentiment analysis platform. The Senno MVP APITrack this API provides a emotion data from an uploaded image or a pasted URL. The technology scans and analzyes a face photograph and returns emotion percentages.

Senno MVP API provides sentiment analysis of faces

Senno MVP API provides sentiment analysis of faces. Image: Senno

Pictura provides a service to generate high quality images of websites. When a website link is shared across social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Slack, Pictura APITrack this API ensures that a high quality dynamically generated image is always shown. This API also collects data and provides reports about social media sharing activity, including total shares, total reach, sharing time patterns, and more.

Chattermill provides customer experience analytics services. The Chattermill APITrack this API returns customer feedback analysis data including comment, score, metadata, dataset type, and theme. The technology uses machine learning to determine what customers are talking about and how they feel about their experiences. Developers can use the API to help improve customer decisions.

Chattermill API provides sentiment analysis of customer feedback and more

Chattermill API provides sentiment analysis of customer feedback and more. Image: Chattermill

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