ProgrammableWeb's Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2018: eCommerce, Marketing, and Social Media

This segment of the past year's Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2018 added to ProgrammableWeb in 2018 focuses on eCommerce, Marketing and Social Media. Sub categories covered here include Advertising, Content, Printing, Products, Catalogs, Subscription, Billing, Taxes, Feedback Monetization, Auctions, Shipping, QR-Codes, Barcodes, Ratings, Personalization, Surveys, SEO, Tweets, and Engagement.

One highlight from the eCommerce sector is the "Commerce Graph" API that streamlines purchasing functions for more than a dozen major ecommerce platforms into one API. Also Shopify released a GraphQL API, and Walmart released some APIs for its online sales trending data. Other highlights include new and updated eBay APIs, and the release of TaxJar Salestax API, which provides sales tax information for products from more than 30 countries.

API news from the Marketing category in 2018 included the launch of the Rebel Email Lite API, as well as updates to the Facebook Graph API.

In the Advertising sector, Facebook released an API to fight abusive political ads. Additionally, Snap opened up its API to all developers, for automating and managing advertising on Snapchat. The Go2mobi Total Control API was released to automate mobile ad campaigns. Finally, Mozilla engineers opted to disable two APIs in the Firefox 60 release, due to fear that advertisers (and hackers) could abuse the Proximity Sensor API to determine the position of objects near a smartphone or tablet and take advantage of the Ambient Light Sensor API to steal and/or access browser data without user knowledge.

The big API news in Social Media from this past year featured the release of the Snapchat SDK (Snap Kit), updates to the Instagram API, new developer requirements from Twitter, and changes to Facebook APIs including new restrictions (or even deprecations) that primarily focused on protecting privacy. Whether the social giants continue to close off features for developers in the near future remains to be seen. But one thing is becoming clear: if social networks can't find ways operate a public API without frightening users or triggering a privacy debacle like Cambridge Analytica, it may be the end of the API Economy as we know it.

ECommerce provides a shipping Portal that allows users to send parcels and letters to and from any place in the world. The APITrack this API enables applications to send shipments using the Platform. The API requests to and responses have a root JSON object structure that uses the JSON API specification. is a provider of the "Commerce Graph" API, a unified API for searching for any product on the internet. The APITrack this API allows users access to the Violet product catalog to search for products, get data about a specific product, or categories. It allows users to place a product for purchasing, facilitate the transaction, create a cart and checkout. The Violet Webhooks APITrack this API is also available and allows users to create a new Webhook for a Violet event, such as a product stock update.

Segmentify offers an eCommerce recommendations platform designed for online retailers. Segmentify collects information about users and classifies them in several sub-segments in order to deliver the right offer, product or campaign. The Segmentify APITrack this API is a REST-based interface with JSON responses that facilitates the delivery of engagement campaigns and product recommendations. Developers can use the API to manage visitor actions, users, product information including images, shopping cart and checkout operations, and more.

Provide application users with product recommendations via Segmentify API

Provide application users with product recommendations via Segmentify API. Image: Segmentify

Returnly is a service that allows merchants to make the customer return experience customizable and simple. The Returnly APITrack this API allows merchants to easily retrieve details on customer returns and refunds and to integrate this data into other eCommerce applications. Specific retrievable data includes package tracking, restocking fees, shopper refunds based on package information, and more.

Shopify provides services for online and in-store merchants. The Shopify GraphQL Admin APITrack this API allows developers to build applications and other Shopify integrations using GraphQL. It provides a way to add shipping, fulfillment and product management to store applications.

snabble is a self-checkout service for retailers. Consumers can use the snabble scanner to scan products and pay at self-checkout terminals. The snabble APITrack this API integrates retail checkout capabilities with mobile applications. The REST API is used to retrieve shop details, products, orders, and more.

This is how the snabble self-checkout service works. Video:

Walmart Open API Developer Portal features APIs for programmatic access to the product catalog. The APIs are intended to allow partners to earn affiliate revenue from customer referrals. Some Walmart APIs include: Walmart Data Feed APITrack this API enables access to a Feed of products by category, and is refreshed once a day. Walmart Trending APITrack this API provides information bestselling items based on user browse activity and sales activity, and is updated multiple times a day. Walmart Reviews APITrack this API provides access to customer ratings and reviews from

RevenueCat provides mobile Subscription and purchase tracking tools. The RevenueCat APITrack this API provides a way to make purchases by accessing the RevenueCat mobile Framework. It implements in-app building for all platforms and handles syncing purchase tokens with the RevenueCat server. Developers can access the API via four available SDKs: Unity, React, Android, and iOS. A RevenueCat Webhooks APITrack this API is also available.

TaxJar provides eCommerce sales tax calculation services in the U.S. and 30 other countries including VAT in the EU and Canada. The TaxJar SalesTax APITrack this API provides sales tax computation and data for application developers. The API discerns tax levels for different types of products, locations, shipping, origin-based vs destination-based, and more.

Zenloop is a Net Promoter Score (NPS) feedback platform for eCommerce and other websites and applications. The Zenloop APITrack this API provides programmatic access and Integration to a customer feeback platform. API methods are available to manage survey recipients, plus retrieve answers, surveys, and properties.

TrackingMore provides a way for multiple parcel tracking, including track buttons, access to 410 couriers, tracking APIs, e-commerce APPs and more. The TrackingMore Webhooks APITrack this API allows users to get notifications when tracking is updated.

Mignify is a large product database that covers US, Canada and over 20 countries in Europe. Mignify Product Intelligence APITrack this API allows users to extract structured product information from a web page. Prices get parsed so users can get a numerical value with the 3-letter currency ISO code. This API can resolve codes such as UPC, EAN, ISBN etc. from US and Europe. Also available is Mignify Product Intelligence Resolve GTIN APITrack this API, which returns product information from a given GTIN (EAN, UPC, ISBN) code.

eBay released several APIs this past year including the eBay Buy Browse Image APITrack this API. The API defines the details of an image, such as size and image URL and enables applications to search and retrieve eBay items using filters and parameters. Additionally eBay made available a machine translation API that allows developers to access eBay's English-to-Mandarin machine translation service. The eBay Commerce Translation APITrack this API allows users to translate item titles, item descriptions, and search queries from the buyer and translates them for the target marketplace. eBay Commerce Catalog API was also releasded. And the ebay Marketplace Insights APITrack this API enables users to search for sold items on eBay by keyword, GTIN, category, and more.

Walgreens is an online and location based retail and pharmacy outlet. The Walgreens Add to Cart APITrack this API enables users of third-party applications and websites to add products to a cart on and then transfer that customer to checkout that cart. When this API is combined with the Walgreens Digital Offers APITrack this API, developers can provide customers with the ability to clip coupons and add products to a cart on This API was part of a series of updates to the company's API platform.

Social & Marketing

Facebook Messenger Platform is a toolbox for building and designing bots on the Platform. The Personas APITrack this API enables applications to introduce a virtual personal into messages, backed by either a human agent or a bot. Use the API to create a persona, send messages and sender actions using a persona, and delete a persona if it's no longer in use.

Introduce to introduce a virtual persona into a Facebook Message thread with this API

Introduce to introduce a virtual persona into a Facebook Message thread with this API. Image: Facebook

Snapchat is a popular photo sharing messenging service. SnapKitTrack this API enables developers with the ability to integrate Snapchat features into applications via four avenues: Creative Kit, Login Kit, Bitmoji Kit and Story Kit. The API provides a way for users to to log into applications faster, brings Bitmojis into an application and integrates stickers, filters, links, and more. SnapKit also allows develpers to embed and filter publicly shared Snapchat Stories into an application or website. This API provides indirect access to the SnapKit Android SDK and SnapKit iOS SDK.

Video: Snap

Reviewshake is a review management platform that allows users to manage all their review sites from one place, automate new reviews and track review performance. The Reviewshake Review Scraper API provides a way gather content from over 50 review sites in standard JSON format, including Agoda, Airbnb, Amazon, Avvo, and more. Get lists of reviews, send review invitations, and manage widgets with the API.

Companies can send invitations to get customer reviews with Reviewshake API.

Companies can send invitations to get customer reviews with Reviewshake API. Image: Reviewshake

Brandfolder is a digital asset management platform to store, share, and showcase brand data. The Brandfolder GraphQL APITrack this API works between Brandfolder's frontend and backend to translate it's JSON service into GraphQL, for consumption by Brandfolder's frontend. Users can query assets, attachments, social links, sections, collaborators, user permissions, and more with the API.

ReviewSpotter is a service to manage user reviews, and features sentiment visualizations, dashboard, advanced filters, and analytics on customer or product ratings. The ReviewSpotter APITrack this API is used to create accounts, manage application settings, manage reviews, manage conversations, and more. The technology aims to increase engagement and conversion rates as well as improve customer service.

Scanova allows customers to design, create, and manage personalized QR codes and dynamic QR codes. The Scanova QR Code Generation APITrack this API can be used to integrate with the service to generate custom scannable codes for sharing to social media, engaging customers by location, making payments, and much more.

Create and manage custom QR codes with Scanova API

Create and manage custom QR codes with Scanova API. Image: Scanova

Twitter Direct Message APITrack this API allows developers to create engaging customer service marketing experiences. Developers can send and receive direct messages, create welcome messages, attach media to messages, prompt users for structured replies, link to websites with buttons, manage conversations across multiple applications, display a custom image and and prompt users for feedback.

Criexe Social Networks APITrack this API is a metaservice that allows developers to get the number of followers and, when available, "likes" for a page or profile on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, or Instagram. Developers can get the statistics for a single page or for multiple pages in a single call. When multiple pages are requested, the total number of followers for all pages is provided. This allows users to determine the total number of followers for a single entity across multiple social networks.

Quikkly allows developers to design custom QR and other scannable codes for specific brands, and offers over 40 templates. The Quikkly Insights APITrack this API is a RESTful interface which provides information about scannable captures such as device, platform, and total scans.


Image: Quikkly

FollowAnalytics provides mobile application engagement services. The FollowAnalytics Segments APITrack this API lists the segments of an analytic app, providing query parameters and response. The API obtains the list of devices and associated users for any segment created in the product. The FollowAnalytics Campaigns APITrack this API allows developers to create and manage campaigns and sends push notifications. The FollowAnalytics Locations APITrack this API lists all locations recorded on the devices for a given application.

TINT is a social media aggregation and marketing platform. The TINT platform lets users share activity from their social media accounts to a webpage, giving visitors to the site a look at the social media conversations related to the site. The TINT APITrack this API allows access to data collected by the TINT cloud-based social media aggregator. TINT customers can use the API to collect data, to access metrics, and to access analytics collected from user's social media accounts.

TINT Enterprise: a customer generated content platform

TINT Enterprise: a customer generated content platform. Image: TINT

SerpWow aggreates the largest search engines and eCommerce sites to deliver SEO data. Developers can retrieve SEO data from Google, Bing, Yahoo and Amazon via the SerpWow APITrack this API.

Get data results about search engines and eCommerce websites via this API

Get data results about search engines and eCommerce websites via this API. Image: SerpWow

TapResearch is a survey platform for collecting audience research data that is used for application monetization. The TapResearch Demand APITrack this API enables developers to create and modify sampling projects on the TapResearch platform. The TapResearch Survey APITrack this API retrieves data related to audiences and surveys from the TapResearch platform.

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