ProgrammableWeb's Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2018: Payments, Banking, Blockchain and Finance

In this portion of the Most Interesting APIs added to ProgammableWeb in 2018 series, we cover APIs in the Financial sector. These include Banking, Stocks, Insurance, Payments, Currency, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain.

Highlights in the Fintech sector include dozens of newly available Open Banking APIs, likely encouraged by open API specifications and data standards from the UK's Open Banking Initiative. Open Banking APIs and other developer resources were released by several companies around the globe including Monzo, Royal Bank of Canada, Forty Seven Bank, Payments NZ, Nations Trust Bank (Sri Lanka), Revolut, Bud, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, ID Co, Equity Bank (Kenya), BBVA, and Xero.

An increase in the interest and availability of Insurance APIs was also notable in 2018, including additions to our directory of life, health, home, auto, financial and renters insurance APIs. The government is working to modernize Medicare and Medicaid with APIs. And technology-driven car insurance provider Clearcover provides APIs for selling and buying auto insurance.

Payment APIs were added from both large (Apple, and Stripe) and smaller companies. And APIs that enable payments by cryptocurrency are becoming more common.

That's right, it appears Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies are here to stay. Or at least some companies are paying enough attention to it to make an entire business out of providing tools for blockchain technology. Though not everyone is on board (Stripe pulled support for Bitcoin in January), the vast amount of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain APIs entered into our directory this past year proves that the sector is experiencing a surge, with no end in sight.

Below are the Financial APIs that peaked our interest or users' interest, enough to make the cut. Did we miss any? Let us know!


Royal Bank of Canada launched the RBC Developer Portal which includes a set of banking APIs and developer Sandbox. APIs include RBC Branch Locator APITrack this API, RBC Amortization Schedule API, RBC Minimum Down Payment APITrack this API and several others.

Deutsche Bank Developer Program provides tools to build digital products for the Germany-based investment banking company, and was featured in an article about building great banking API portals. The Deutsche Bank APITrack this API allows users to access personal data like addresses, date of birth, nationality, view customer's transaction information, verify the age of a customer and more.

OpenWrks provides Open Banking tools and services. The OpenWrks Surface APITrack this API is a RESTful service that provides access to OpenWrks customer data. It is a stable, backwards compatible API which complies with the Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE). API endpoints are available for Users, Accounts, Transactions and more. The API eliminates the need to work with multiple banks and account providers.

OpenWrks API

Screenshot: OpenWrks

Several Citibank APIs were added to our directory in the Banking category this past year. These include the Citibank Accounts APITrack this API for retrieving Citi customer account and tranaction information, Citibank Authorize APITrack this API to enable Citi customers to grant an application access to their account data. Citibank Customers APITrack this API retrieves basic Citi customer information such as name, mailing address, email address and phone numbers. Also added: Citibank Cards APITrack this API allows customers to freeze a lost or stolen credit card, notify Citi about upcoming travel plans, and limit credit.Citibank Money Movement APITrack this API allows users to move money within the market. A Citibank Onboarding APITrack this API, Citibank Pay with Points APITrack this API, and Citibank Utilities APTrack this APII are also available.

Kuveyt Turk is a Turkish provider of financial products and services including internet banking services. Kuveyt Turk provides an API Market with tools for developers to create their own Financial applications. Several of these APIs were added to our Financial category, and highlights include: Kuveyt Turk Accounts APITrack this API enables the developer's customers to list their accounts, check their balances, and check their account activities from the last 7 days. Kuveyt Turk Money Transfers APITrack this API, Kuveyt Turk Loans/Financing APITrack this API, and Kuveyt Turk Funds APITrack this API were also added.

Jenga is a payment gateway serviced through Finserve Africa, which offers fintech services to Equity bank and others. The Jenga APITrack this API provides connections to multiple telcos, mobile wallets, card associations, governments, credit bureaus and banks. It allows users to send money, receive money, check account balances and statements, open accounts and more. It enables businesses with the ability to accept payments, collect customers payment information, and create charges.

Blend is a technology provider for brokers and loan teams. Blend offers tools that shorten loan cycles, and integrates intelligent conditioning which automatically requests financial data such as bank statements, business license, and credit checks. Current wholesale lenders can extend their brand digitally and improve efficiency. The Blend APITrack this API is accessible indirectly with the provided Go SDK.

Blend API

Screenshot: Blend

CapitalOne Virtual Card Numbers APITrack this API returns JSON data with simulated virtual card numbers. With the API, developers can create a virtual card, replace a physical card, retrieve virtual card details, and report merchant activity by initiating production in the sandbox. Also from Capital One, Capital One Money Movement APITrack this API enables users to manage customer transfers between Capital One accounts or between Capital One and non-Capital One accounts. Sign Up with Capital One APITrack this API returns JSON responses to verify customers. Verify with Capital One APITrack this API enables applications to match personal information to be verified by a Capital One customer. Capital One Virtual Card Numbers APITrack this API returns JSON data to simulate the use of a virtual card number instead of a physical card.

Erste Group is a banking service provider in Central and Eastern Europe. Česká spořitelna is a Czech bank and part of the Erste Group. The company's developer portal was singled out in our article about "Great Banking API Portals". Some APIs provided by the bank have been added to directory such as: Erste Group Exchange Rates APITrack this API provides a REST interface that allows access to currently valid and historical exchange rates for the previous 2 years. Erste Group Places APITrack this API provides a REST interface to access to Česká spořitelna, POI location information. Erste Group Know Your Customer APITrack this API is a REST service that provides verification of Ceska Sporitelna customers. Erste Group Mortgage calculator APITrack this API provides a REST with access to basic mortgage calculations of Česká spořitelna.

Barclays provides banking services in the UK and US. We have recently added several APIs from the company including Barclays Payment Initiation APITrack this API allows users to initiate a single and immediate non-mandated funds transfer. Barclays Product Details APITrack this API to discover various financial products Barclays offers including personal accounts, SME lending products, business current accounts, commercial credit cards, and more. Barclays Consent APITrack this API fpr authorization given to Third Party Providers (TPPs). Barclays ATM Finder APITrack this API and Barclays Account and Transactions API also available.

Yapily provides tools for developers to connect to banks to create banking applications. The Yapily APITrack this API enables developers to connect to multiple banks to retrieve normalized data for use in their applications and services. Yapily's testing environment includes a host of connections to sandbox bank APIs that allow developers to simulate a connected application and expedite their development. SDKs, code examples, and Swagger JSON are also available.

Kontomatik provides data Integration and analytics tools for the finance sector. The Kontomatik Lending APITrack this API returns lending banking data. Users can retrieve immediate calculations, display raw data, and retrieve aggregated financial values. The API works with screen-scraped data and parsed PDF data.

Lenddo provides financial products such as identity verification and credit scoring. LenddoScore APITrack this API can be integrated into applications to predict credit scores in order to reduce risk and approve applications. Lenddo Verification offers a quick way to check the veracity of reported information.

Stocks and Foreign Exchange

OFX is a global provider of overseas money transfers. The OFX Payments APITrack this API allows users to get exchange rates across all their automated international payments, enables cross-border payments using global currency markets, and more. An OFX Notifications APITrack this API is also available.

Alpha Vantage provides services for retrieving stocks, currency, cryptocurrency real-time and historical data. The Alpha Vantage APITrack this API allows developers to integrate financial market data for stocks, foreign exchange (FX), physical currencies and cryptocurrencies, technical indicators and other types of data into third-party applications.

BankersAlgo Currency Conversion APITrack this API provides real-time currency exchange rates and conversions. It covers 168 currencies, including Bitcoin. BankersAlgo uses European Central Bank rates as a reference, and currency rates data is updated every 10 minutes.

Forex Capital Markets (FXCM) is a 24-hour online trading Platform for ForEx (Foreign Exchange),oil, gold, and more. The FXCM Socket REST APITrack this API allows users to create a custom trading application for integration with the FXCM platform to back test and create automated trading strategies. provides Forex (foreign exchange) rates in machine readable formats. The Live-Rates APITrack this API returns filtered Forex rates in JSON and XML formats. Rates are updated in real-time, and each currency pair includes the timestamp when it was updated. This platform is intended for integrating with eCommerce systems, brokerages, and casinos.

live rates API

Screenshot: Live-Rates

Tink is a financial data platform that offers account aggregation, payment initiation, transaction categorization, and personal financial management. Developers can integrate with the Tink APITrack this API and gain access to consumers' account data from Nordic banks and financial institutions. The Tink API follows a REST approach, and returns information in JSON.


Haven Life provides easy to buy online life insurance. The company recently announced it would offer API access to its term life insurance buying system. The Haven LifeTrack this API API integrates Haven Life into any website or application.

Haven life insurance APIScreenshot: Haven Life


GoCompare is a comparison service for choosing finance and insurance products. The GoCompare Transaction APITrack this API analyzes a consumer's spending behavior data and predicts their future purchasing habits. It allows developers to classify customer bank account and credit card transactions into categories, and identify merchants associated with transactions.

Urban Jungle is a UK-based provider of home content insurance services for urban dwellers and renters. The Urban Jungle Partners APITrack this API allows partners to serve personalized insurance quotes within an application. Developers can use the API to complete an insurance purchase.

Clearcover is a technology-driven car insurance provider. The Clearcover APITrack this API allows users to offer affordable car insurance online and generate new income while providing customers savings. The API allows partners to integrate applications with Clearcover platform data collection, display prices, and view changes to coverage elections.

Clearcover API enables customers to buy insurance

Clearcover API enables customers to buy insurance. Image: Clearcover


Bestow provides online life insurance services. The company released the Bestow Quote REST APITrack this API, which allows access to a customizable insurance rate quote solution. Developers can use the API to provide term life insurance quotes and sales to users on their own applications. Bestow provides tools to help users with the quotes or customized coverage for Terms from 2 to 20 years, from $50,000 to $500,000 and Quotes coverage .

Lifeguard provides technology which enables applications to connect with users' insurance accounts. The Lifeguard APITrack this API is in REST architecture and allows integration with transaction and account data from major insurance institutions. Connected third-party applications can retrieve merchant names, street addresses, geo-coordinates, categories, and more.

Open Risk provides open source and open data-focused financial risk analysis tools. The Open Risk APITrack this API provides a a way to integrate risk data and risk modelling resources for assessing and managing financial risk. The API allows users to search open risk data registry, query selected model server returns, test and validate workflows and more.


Stripe is a payments company for the internet that supports many currencies, credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Bitcoin, Alipay, or Amex Express Checkout. The Stripe Issuing API provides infrastructure for issuing physical and virtual cards via a single API call. The API allows developers to create, control, and distribute physical and virtual cards. It provides a way to manage cards, set authorization controls, restrict spending and dispute purchases.

Dream Payments is a provider of cloud payment solutions. The Dream Payments APITrack this API provides a payment platform plus a programmatic interface for insurers to manage payment recipients and issue digital claims payments. Developers can create applications to accept payments, integrate digital claims payments into applications, integrate vendor payments into vendor management systems, pull digital payment data into financial reconciliation processes and more.

Envoice allows users to accept payments from Paypal, Stripe, Payoneer, Square, and Klik & Pay and can also handle debit and credit cards. The Envoice APITrack this API allows developers to automate the invoicing process. It can be used to perform basic create, read, update, delete ( CRUD) operations on invoices, as well as change or check an invoice's status.

Sparrow is a global e-payment system targeted to merchants and developers. The Sparrow Services APITrack this API provides payment transaction features for applications. It allows merchants to connect their order management, shopping cart or card present device to the payment gateway for processing. API methods available include; Sale, Authorization, Capture, Void, Refund and more.


Tap Payments is a payments service that focuses on Middle Eastern business owners and consumers. The Tap Merchant Payments APITrack this API can be accessed to collect payment details with methods for charge request credit cards or without source object, and create refund, and others.

Tap Payments goCollect! payment service overview. Video: YouTube/Tap Payments

Apple Pay Payment Request APITrack this API enables developers to integrate Apple Payments into web applications. The API follows the W3C Payment Request specification, allowing merchants and retailers to conduct transactions through Apple Pay, rather than alternatives such as credit/debt cards or PayPal. The API is offered via Apple's WebKit.

PayPro is a payment service provider that specializes in processing online payments. The PayPro APITrack this API provides a link between a server and PayPro payment systems. The API is used by sellers to call the systems of PayPro to process payments, without the customer noticing anything from PayPro. PayPro is based in Groningen, Netherlands and provides payment methods for PayPal, Visa, WeChat Pay, MasterCard, iDEAL, AfterPay and more.

Crypto/Blockchain is a Decentralized platform for managing creative assets. It is a network that is shared, open, secured by the blockchain and designed to record metadata and ownership information for digital creative assets. The Frost APITrack this API allows users to develop integrations, register works, and integrate web applications to the network, without having to build a private key infrastructure. asset Authentication and certification platform explained in this video. Video:

BlockMarkets is a provider of cryptocurrency market data. The company recently released the BlockMarkets APITrack this API, which provides real-time and historical market data from the leading global cryptocurrency exchanges, including tick data, USD spot rates, OHLCV, and VWAP from 2010 for over 500 cryptoassets.



Kaleido provides an enterprise SaaS that simplifies the creation and operation of private blockchain networks. The Kaleido APITrack this API is a RESTful interface for Resource management, chain analytics and event monitoring, with endpoints only accessible to administrative users in possession of a valid API Key.

Kaleido API


Zloadr is an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) rating platform. The Zloadr Professional APITrack this API offers JSON data related to legal structures of cryptocurrency assets, performance, and longevity of assets. The API provides methods for cryptocurrency historical data, latest market quotes for one or more cryptocurrencies, listing market pairs, and more.

Loom Network allows developers to build commercial blockchain applications on top of Ethereum. Loom's indirect APITrack this API enables developers access to Loom Unity SDK, Loom Go SDK, Loom RPC Go SDK, and Loom JavaScript SDK to facilitate DAppChain integration with the Loom Network. Online games can benefit from tradable tokens, avoid item scarcity, and gain compatibility with eternal worlds. Social media applications can be monetizable with karma tokens.

Loom Network

Screenshot: Loom Network

Wyre provides cryptocurrency payment solutions. The Wyre APITrack this API is a REST service that supports wire transfers, mass international payouts, cryptocurrency wallet management, and virtual banking services for your personal or enterprise needs. It enables applications to convert large volumes of currency, and developers can onboarde and manage users compliantly, connecting customers bank accounts, and more.

CryptoStandardizer provides a way to standardize Cryptocurrency exchange symbols. The CryptoStandardizer APITrack this API can standardize coin symbols from over 100 exchanges. It also provides enriched coin data, such as market cap, total supply, percent change, daily volume and more.

CryptoStandardizer returns standard cryptocoin symbols and other data

CryptoStandardizer returns standard cryptocoin symbols and other data. Image: CryptoStandardizer is a cryptocurrency news aggregator that allows users to track news about bitcoin, litecoin and several others. CryptoControl covers over 5,000 articles daily from over 1000 news sources. It uses specialized AI to understand context of each article and attribute coins and categories to each article. Use the CryptoControl APITrack this API to programmatically access the news engine and retrieve news by coin, by category, by latest news, and more.

DMarket is a blockchain gaming marketplace for transforming virtual in-game items into real tangible assets. The DMarket Steam Skins Trading APITrack this API allows users to streamline and automate in-game items trading processes on Steam. With the API traders can add assets to the marketplace, put items up for sale, buy items and more.

Vectorspace AI platform provides cryptocurrency trading and investing ETF (exchange-traded funds) based on natural language processing and sentiment analysis algorithms. The Vectorspace AI APITrack this API returns JSON data about cryptocurrency global trends, concepts and topics.

ACINQ is a company that focuses on Bitcoin scalability. ACINQ's Strike is a Stripe-like API for Lightning Network payments services. The Strike APITrack this API is in REST architecture and returns bitcoin and cryptocurrency data with API methods for creating and managing charges.

BitcoinAverage is a data service that provides the weighted average Bitcoin price for all major currencies. The BitcoinAverage Enterprise Websocket APITrack this API provides fast updates regarding ticker and exchange prices. Get data pushed from one or more indices or exchanges and ticker data for multiple symbols with the API.

Ontology is a provider of public blockchains that can be customized for different industries. The Ontology project is public, collaborative, and designed to add a layer of trust to blockchain networks. The Ontology APITrack this API returns JSON data related to transactions, block by block height and more. This is a REST-based API that accepts CRUD operations.

Switcheo is a cryptocurrency exchange platform for NEP-5 token trades built on the NEO platform. The Switcheo Exchange APITrack this API provides exchange history, statistics and other data and can be used to execute trades. Functions are available for tickers, offers, trades, deposits, withdrawals, orders, balances, and more.

coinlayer provides cyptocurrency market data for developers. The coinlayer REST APITrack this API delivers real-time or historical cryptocurrency exchange rates in JSON format. Data is returned from 25 worldwide exchanges for more than 385 coins, and can be accessed using any programming language, Framework and device.

Get up-to-date cryptocurrency data with coinlayer API

Get up-to-date cryptocurrency data with coinlayer API. Image: coinlayer

Hydrogen Platform provides APIs for building financial applications with blockchain and AI features. Hydrogen Hydro API enables applications to interface with Hydro's smart contracts by using several modular layers of blockchain functionality. It provides a server-side authentication protocol for databases, APIs, and large systems, as well as a client-side multi-factor authentication protocol for individual user accounts. Hydrogen Ion API enables data scientists to pre-process datasets, and train and evaluate models with Machine Learning. Hydrogen AtomTrack this API allows developers to build powerful digital savings, investing, insurance, and wellness applications.

Casper provides decentralized data storage featuring a high file download/upload rate, encoding of stored files, and shared file access. Casper is based on Ethereum and other blockchain platforms that support smart contracts. The Casper APITrack this API enables users to upload all kinds of files to a cloud service and access them from any device.

Mineralt is an online cryptocurrency miner. The Mineralt JavaScript APITrack this API enables users to mine cryptocurrency online, using a web site or mobile application visitor's CPU power. It provides a way to control mining script execution and provides several API methods that includes; start, stop, setlf miner and more. This API is indirect access to the Mineralt JavaScript SDK and Mineralt Android API.

Use the Mineralt API and SDKs to to build your own online mining affiliate programs

Use the Mineralt API and SDKs to to build your own online mining affiliate programs. Image:

HBUS is an open marketplace for cryptocurrencies. The HBUS APITrack this API supports all trading pairs including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum on the HBUS website. API methods are available to manage market, public, account, trade and withdraw. An HBUS websocket APITrack this API is also available for subscriptions and to receive updates on any changes to a HBUS topic.

Squarelink is an access tool for blockchain applications that allows users to securely recover private keys. The Squarelink APITrack this API provides a way for users to access accounts and sign transactions upon user permission. Squarelink's API allows developers to interact with Squarelink user accounts with methods for wallet information, personal information, and transaction data.

Stronghold provides a distributed exchange platform built on the Stellar Network for digital currency. The company provides APIs for digital payments and trading integration including Stronghold Accounts APITrack this API, Stronghold Payments APITrack this API, Stronghold Trade APITrack this API, Stronghold Identity & Access Management APITrack this API, Stronghold Venues APITrack this API, Stronghold Anchor APITrack this API, Stronghold Assets APITrack this API, Stronghold Know Your Customer Profiles APITrack this API, Stronghold Quotes APITrack this API, and Stronghold Utilities APITrack this API.

ChainFront helps developers create cryptocurrency applications. The ChainFront Cloud APITrack this API allows users to create accounts, configure transaction approval methods, create blockchain addresses, and more. The ChainFront API supports JSON format and enables developers to integrate their solutions with blockchain networks including Stellar and Ethereum. This API is listed in our Blockchain category.

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