ProgrammableWeb's Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2019: Application Development and Developer Tools

This segment of the Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2019 concerns tools for developers and application development.

Application Development news during 2019 included some programming language preference choices, tools for easier creation, or even codeless creation of applications, a more serious look at privacy, as well as code review, cross platform development considerations, and API lifecycle tools.

But at the heart of every step of application development are APIs. Some great APIs for developers were added to the ProgrammableWeb directory during 2019 in our Application Development, Captcha, Cloud, Conversions, DevOps, Languages, Monitoring, Storage, Testing, Tools, and Translation. Below are some highlights chosen by our editors, readers, and followers. Let us know what we missed.

Appdome is a service for adding mobile security, app-shielding, Authentication, identity, mobility, analytics, and more to Android and iOS applications. Appdome Build REST APITrack this API allows developers to automate building their mobile app, whether that app was uploaded via the Upload API or the Appdome Platform. This API makes it possible to automate deployment and CI/CD ( Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery) workflows.

Tanker provides privacy and data protection services for application builders. The Tanker APITrack this API & SDKs add in-app Encryption capabilities without affecting User Experience or performance. The API enables Tanker to take care of key and identity management, and all user actions are encrypted. Tanker does not store data; all users and groups use their own keys which are associated with their cryptographic identities.

Netlify provides hosting and serverless backend services for static websites. The Netlify APITrack this API enables website development tools. This Platform-as-a-Service supports free personal blogs and complex enterprise solutions. The API delivers Continuous Deployment, analytics, access to accounts, access to files, and more.

Pivotal is a cloud-native platform for building software. The Pivotal Ops Manager APITrack this API enables developers to manage tasks, products, logins, stemcells, and much more on the platform. Developers can use Pivotal to create and improve software with features such as Cloud Foundry Add-Ons, Spring Java Development, Pivotal Greenplum Data Warehouse, Rabbit MQ Cloud Message Software, Redis Data Structure, Concourse Integration, and Pivotal Hadoop SQL Database.

Instana provides application performance management (APM) services for Microservice applications. The Instana APITrack this API enables the retrieval of key data points used to monitor and analyze applications in real-time with a REST interface. The API includes methods for metrics, search fields, snapshots, and events. Changes due to code deployment are instantly discovered.

Dareboost APITrack this API retrieves data from the website speed test and website analytics platform. With the API, developers can retrieve data about utilities, analysis, monitoring, scenarios, and events.

Dareboost API

Screenshot: Dareboost

GitLab GraphQL APITrack this API allows clients to request data from GitLab. Developers can use the API to access to integrate applications with the functionality of GitLab, with functions to retrieve and manage users, post and manage issues, and manage project information.

WebdriverIO is a next-gen WebDriver Test Automation Framework. The WebdriverIO APITrack this API provides access to web testing protocols that includes CRUD methods such as newSession, deleteSession, status, getTimeouts, setTimeouts and more. This is a standard utilizing the W3C WebDriver specification.

GraphQLZero APITrack this API enables mutable queries associated with resources, entities, and nested relationships of the prototyping and testing platform provided by Emilio Almansi. Responses are JSON formatted.

LambdaTest is a live, automated cross-browser testing service. The LambdaTest Selenium Automation APITrack this API allows developers to manage the testing process, with methods to Fetch all Builds of an account, stop session by sessionID, fetch lists of tunnels running in an account, fetch platforms along with browsers and versions supported and more. LambdaTest Screenshot APITrack this API enables users to capture Headless screenshots in bulk on multiple OS & browser combinations, without logging into the LambdaTest platform.

Manage automated cross browser Selenium testing across 2000+ browsers with this API

Manage automated cross browser Selenium testing across 2000+ browsers with this API. Image: Lambda Computing

Checkly is a service for DevOps teams to monitor APIs and site click flows. The Checkly APITrack this API monitors API Endpoint correctness. The API is used to retrieve monitoring results, connect dashboards, and see status reports. JSON is the preferred response format.

PhantAuth provides a Random User Generator + OpenID Connect authentication testing service. It's like Lorem Ipsum, but for user accounts and authentication. PhantAuth APITrack this API was designed to simplify testing for applications using OpenID Connect authentication by making use of randomly generated users. The PhantAuth Avatar APITrack this API returns a human avatar picture URL based on an identifier which can be an email, hash, username or any other text.

Scrutinizer is a software quality management platform. The Scrutinizer APITrack this API returns JSON encoded data about code analytics, measurements, and inspections. Developers can implement organization repositories, members, configurations, teams, reports, inspections, indices, and reports into applications with this API.

HTML/ CSS to Image APITrack this API enables users to generate images from code. This simple API converts HTML to an image, renders images exactly like Google Chrome, supports modern CSS3, HTML5, emoji's, custom fonts, gradients, drop shadows and more. It also provides Image resizing and transparent .PNG files.

QRCoder Code Generator APITrack this API allows users to create customized QR codes with different colors for background, foreground and eye colors. It also allows users to specify different pixel sizes and padding and outputs in SVG or PNG.

CAPTCHAs.IO is an automated captcha recognition services that supports more than 30,000 image captchas and reCAPTCHA v2 and v3, including invisible reCAPTCHA. The CAPTCHAs.IO APITrack this API provides RESTful access to all of's captcha-solving methods. Developers can choose to get API responses in either JSON or plain text.

KubeMQ is a Kubernetes message queue broker that includes support for multiple messaging patterns, including real-time pub/sub, request/reply, and a persistent queue, by using Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS). The KubeMQ APITrack this API enables enterprise-grade messaging in applications. The RPC API enables developers to create and connect messaging clusters, retrieve Tokens, and more.

W3C Badging APITrack this API describes the process to set an application-wide badge without showing a more heavyweight notification. Badges can be shown on the home screen to notify the user when the state of the application has changed. This is useful for displaying how many new messages have arrived.

Puppet Enterprise provides IT automation and DevOps software solutions. The Puppet Forge APITrack this API allows access to data on the Puppet Forge automation platform. It provides a RESTful interface to write scripts and tools to interact with the Puppet Forge website.

GoTranscript provides human-generated transcription services. The GoTranscript APITrack this API can add transcription, translation, captioning, and subtitling features to applications. With the API, developers can implement video transcipt services including languages, comments, turnaround times, number of speakers, and transcription file formats into applications.

Online Compiler APITrack this API enables program execution in 72 languages. The API can be integrated with computer education applications. Additionally, this API can be used in online interview assessment systems. The Online Compiler API features REST architecture and JSON responses.

Testim provides AI-powered software testing services. The Testim Dev Kit APITrack this API and JavaScript SDK enable developers to write or edit end-to-end coded tests in their IDE. The API is listed in the Testing category.

Website Toolbox is a service for creating forums for user communication and engagement. The Website Toolbox REST APITrack this API enables developers to interact with customizable forums. The API can be utilized to access conversations, messages, posts, and user groups.

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