ProgrammableWeb's Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2019: Big Data and Analytics

This segment of the Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2019 focuses on data and data analytics.

If API-related news has any correlation to what is trendy, we can conclude that Big Data was still big in 2019. ProgrammableWeb's coverage included articles about a variety of data services. These include data retrieval, property data, contacts data, social media data, academic data, finance & trading, data automation, databases, data streaming, and data privacy.

Along with all that API news, we published several APIs in our Big Data and Data Analytics categories over the past year. This includes APIs for Data, Open Data, Data Visualizations, Database, Analytics, Data Mining, Extraction, ClassificationCharts, and others. Listed below are the Data APIs added to our directory during 2019 that might pique the interest of a data scientist or a developer.

Fauna is a cloud-first database provider for cloud and Container environments. The FaunaDB GraphQL APITrack this API is a database service for defining schemas and executing queries and mutations of data within FaunaDB. The FaunaDB GraphQL API focuses on transactional consistency, user authorization, data access, quality of service (QoS), and temporal storage.

Temporal from RTrade Technologies is an enterprise data storage solution. The Temporal IPFS APITrack this API allows developers to manage functions within the storage solution with methods to create networks, add users, get information, upload files, and get object statistics.

Efficiently store and manage large flows of big data with Temporal API
Efficiently store and manage large flows of big data with Temporal API. Screenshot: Temporal/RTrade Technologies

MasterTables is a service for storing and maintaining business data and lists. Predefined choice lists or taxonomies such as countries, gender, and marital status are available in MasterTables. MasterTables APITrack this API offers data as JSON objects.

ScrapingBee (formerly Scraping Ninja) provides applications with web scraping tools. The ScrapingBee APITrack this API supports JavaScript rendering, Headless Chrome, captchas, and proxy rotation. The API returns HTML or JSON formatted responses.

ScrapingBee API

ScrapingBee uses rotating proxies so users can bypass Rate Limiting. Screenshot: ScrapingBee is a modern data catalog service for analytics and teamwork. The APITrack this API returns data discovery, comprehension, Integration, and sharing in relation to the data catalog service. The API provides methods to manage files, users, data projects, data streams, insights and more.

Skim provides data extraction and AI consultancy services. The Skim Technologies Data APITrack this API can extract data about the content of a URI. Developers can retrieve data such as title, author, date, body, keywords, summaries, images, videos, reading time, and more.

Amazon's Get Metrics APITrack this API provides calculated metrics, insights, and advanced analytics reporting for Alexa Skills usage. The Metrics API is in beta and is listed in the Analytics category.

QuickChart APITrack this API generates chart and graph images to embed in an email, SMS, and reports. Developers can define charts by URL, JSON and JavaScript objects, and the Chart.js Library. Line, bar, radar, donut, pie, polar areas, bubbles, and scatter chart types represent data visualizations. This service can be used as a replacement for the Google Image Charts API, which was deprecated in March 2019.

Create bar, line, donut, pie, bubble and other charts with this API

Create bar, line, donut, pie, bubble and other charts with this API. Screenshot:

Fivetran automates data pipelines between data repositories, cloud data warehouses, and analytics tools. The Fivetran APITrack this API provides a REST architecture to access business data connection features. With the API, developers can access a data pipeline, collect event logs, and replicate business data into a cloud warehouse.

Image-Charts APITrack this API returns a chart image in response to a URL GET or POST request. The API can generate many kinds of charts, including pie, line, bar charts, and radars. Image-Charts is a can act as a replacement for the deprecated Google Image Charts API

Image Charts

Screenshot: Image Charts

TEXT2DATA API provides detailed reports of unstructured data with Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Machine Learning. TEXT2DATA can be integrated as a text analytics Platform, customer experience reporting tool, and social media monitoring platform.

Figure Eight platform aims to provide high-quality training data for machine learning models. The Figure Eight APITrack this API enables users to post and retrieve data from the data annotation platform. Developers can display text, image, video, and audio in annotated data forms.

Figure Eight API

 Image Credit: Figure Eight

Rubrik offers unified enterprise data services with backup, instant recovery, archival, search, analytics, and compliance features. The Rubrik REST APITrack this API provides support for configuring, querying, and controlling all of the allowed operations of the Rubrik cloud management platform.

GrayMeta is an AI-powered enterprise metadata platform. The GrayMeta Platform APITrack this API enables users to programmatically interact with the platform with methods to view and manage jobs, items, people, roles, activity, comments, favorites, and more. The GrayMeta Platform harvests content from enterprise storage and extracts metadata via this API, which is listed in the Big Data category.

Data Drum provides data automation and organization services at the intersection of data science, journalism, and finance. The Data Drum API Track this API enables clean, automated macroeconomic, and social data. The API supports live and historical figures with visualizations. Returned data can be JSON, CSV, XML, and XLSX formatted.

Get live and historical data in visualizations with Data Drum

Get live and historical data in visualizations with Data Drum. Screenshot: Data Drum

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