ProgrammableWeb's Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2019: Business and Productivity

Next up in our series about the Most Interesting APIs added to ProgrammableWeb in 2019 is our list of Business and Productivity APIs. These APIs can be used to integrate applications with business software and other tools that make business processes more efficient. This year, we've seen some companies introduce GraphQL APIs for developers, some companies designing their API services for vast business opportunities, as well as some companies offering niche APIs for business needs. We've also seen some companies embracing open source to stoke innovation. Highlighted products include email authorization and validation services, timekeeping services, collaboration tools, file sharing and file storing tools, chat and messaging tools, and business analysis & intelligence services.

Covered in this article are APIs in our Business, Collaboration, Messaging, Email, Project Management, Contacts, PDF, Human Resources, Invoicing, File Sharing, Documents, Calendars, Spreadsheets, Chat, Electronic Signature, and other categories.

Here are the APIs that were added to ProgrammableWeb that caught our attention in the Business sector in the last year, in no particular order.

Calendarific Global Holidays APITrack this API allows users to access Calendarific's calendar database and display the dates of public holidays and observances in applications. The database covers over 200+ countries worldwide, and it is constantly being updated and extended. Developers can choose a pricing model that fits their needs, and custom solutions are available. JSONP and CORS are supported. This API was one of the top 200 clicked on APIs in 2019.

Infrrd offers solutions for PDF extraction, natural language processing, image recognition, and intelligent data capture for the banking, financial, and insurance industries. The Infrrd APITrack this API enables data extraction from receipts, invoices, and bank statements.

Clockify provides free time tracking software services. With the Clockify APITrack this API, developers can implement projects, reports, summary reports, tasks, time entries, users, groups, and workspace into applications.

See where a company spends time with Clockify API

See where a company spends time with Clockify API. Image: Clockify

Intuit provides services including TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mint for small business accounting ecosystems. The Intuit QuickBooks Online Payroll GraphQL APITrack this API allows third-party time tracking and benefit providers to connect directly to QuickBooks Online. It provides a way to provision deductions, benefits, pensions, sync employee contributions and sync time by payroll items and more.

accessplanit offers a business management system designed for training companies and learning departments. The accessplanit APITrack this API enables the management of employee and client data, venue bookings, marketing, and financial reporting. accessplanit integrates with other HR and CRM software.

Coda is a new kind of document that is collaborative and scalable. The Coda APITrack this API returns JSON data to list and search Coda docs, create new docs and copy existing ones, discover sections, folders, tables, formulas, and controls, and read, insert, upsert, update, and delete rows.

Introducing Coda 1.0 Video: YouTube/

SmartPension is a service for automatic enrollment of workplace pensions. The SmartPension APITrack this API returns JSON data with pension details for employees. With the API, developers can implement contributions, companies, referrals, enrollments, bills, advisers, and staging dates.

Data Demograph provides an APITrack this API to return demographic data with the aim to enrich contact lists. Developers can integrate gender age, income, education, ancestry, crime, and political leaning into customer insights applications.

Everhour provides simple and transparent time tracking services for teams, freelancers, and employees. The service also encompasses invoicing, Resource planning, task management, budgeting, integrations, and payroll. The Everhour API enables implementation of time tracking, projects, sections, tasks, users, and timers into applications.

Festivo aggregates holiday information via Machine Learning technology. The Festivo APITrack this API provides users with data on holidays for 120 countries and states around the world. The API returns each holiday's name, date, country, and type as well as upcoming holidays and more. The service offers a reliable source of holiday information for payroll administration, stock market trading, banking, trend detection and prediction of sales, along with many other use cases.

My Digital Office is an online virtual office for remote-first teams. There are video conferencing, messaging, file sharing, and screen sharing features. With the My Digital Office API, developers can automate sales, tech, and other group-specific announcements to a virtual office space. Developers need to register for API access and Documentation. The API is filed under Virtualization.

My Digital Office API

Screenshot: My Digital Office

MARCOM Robot Email Validation Bot APITrack this API performs a series of real-time checks for each email address such as MX record check, SMTP record check, RFC syntax check and many more. The API returns a quality score ranging from 0 to 1 for every processed email. This service can build better email lists and keep the junk out of your marketing automation and CRM platforms.

Sonar is an enterprise SMS and Facebook messager solution provider. The Sonar APITrack this API allows users to integrate business applications, and to manage and automate customer management and messaging.

ROLL is a business management Platform designed to improve business performance by implementing an all-in-one full visibility service that covers the financial situation, sales, time reporting, and project tracking summaries. The ROLL APITrack this API provides a GraphQL platform for mutable queries associated with business projects, sales pipelines, and analytics.


Screenshot: ROLL Limited

Comet is a white-label backup software for service providers. The Comet Backup APITrack this API assists with backup for service providers including management of files, folders, emails, calendars, and databases.

Slack is a messaging and workspace platform. The Slack Conversations APITrack this API provides applications with a unified interface to work with all the channels in Slack, including public & private channels, direct messages, group direct messages, and Shared Channels. The Slack Conversations API reviews messaging history, creates DM channels, archives channels, invites team members, and sets a conversation purpose.

Zenkit is an online project management platform. The Zenkit APITrack this API enables users to integrate the Zenkit project management capabilities into applications or utilities. API methods are available to search the user's activities, search workspace activities, and manage workspaces. The service provides tools to bring together customers, documents, invoices, bugs, features, leads and more.

Organize teams with Zenkit online project management platform

Organize teams with Zenkit online project management platform. Screenshot: Zenkit

Square Builds services that support products and tools to manage finances. The Square Labor APITrack this API provides a way to integrate Square Point of Sale timekeeping with applications for labor cost reporting, payroll, and overtime management. It allows you to integrate a time-clock application with a Square account. Square enables developers to build customized solutions that accept payments online, in-person, or in-app to manage products and customers.

Clubhouse is a project management platform designed to support software developers. The Clubhouse APITrack this API is a REST service that provides a way to build custom integrations and automate workflow. It enables users to retrieve categories, create a threaded comment on an epic, return milestones, update story properties and more.

PDFTables APITrack this API converts PDF documents to Excel spreadsheets. Developers authenticate with API Key to receive CSV, XML, and XLSX formats.

Sheet.Best APITrack this API allows Google Sheet conversions into RESTful APIs. Sheet.Best uses the first row of the spreadsheet as a dictionary for the API properties. Developers need only to create a shareable link of their Google Sheet to start the conversion process.

100A.IO is a data extraction & management service. The 100A APITrack this API enables users to process and store any type of textual information: articles, white papers, books, code backups, JSON, HTML markup, CSS, code snippets, databases or any other. The API can be used to get a digital representation of data and a short access link to information. Users can store it on or offline, plus share or keep private via private password.

AddEvent is an "add to calendar" tool for websites and apps, newsletters, and campaigns. The AddEvent Calendar APITrack this API enables developers to list, create, save, and delete a calendar. AddEvent Events APITrack this API enables users to view and manage events, list the RSVP of an event and view an RSVP attendee.

My Simple Contract offers information in French language and API documentation in the English language. The My Simple Contract APITrack this API returns contracts and electronic signature data in JSON format. With the API, developers can implement contracts, custom fields, groups, partners, and templates into applications.

MyDocSafe enables the process of signing and publishing documents electronically in applications. The MyDocSafe APITrack this API can be utilized to access folder contents, upload files, sign documents, access company details, and create user portals.

MyDocSafe API

Screenshot: DocSafe Limited

Hunter provides data services to connect people. The Hunter APITrack this API enables users to find and verify professional email addresses and integrate this service into applications. Get JSON formatted data for email addresses that are found via domain name plus first or last name, or other ways. The API enables users with CRUD operations to list, retrieve, create leads, find emails, search domains.

LeadIQ is a sales prospecting tool for lead generation. The LeadIQ APITrack this API provides programmatic access to a large B2B dataset of prospect data. This API uses GraphQL to provide ways to find a contact by name and company or LinkedIn URL.

Missive is an application for team chat and team email that covers all inboxes including Gmail, Twitter, Twilio, Facebook and others. The Missive APITrack this API integrates chat features into existing email services. With the API, developers can integrate threaded chats from an inbox, allowing users to participate in conversations and complete projects. The Missive Webhooks API provides notifications from the Missive conversation service about events regarding emails, SMS messages and more.

Missive is one application for all your team's inboxes

Missive is one application for all your team's inboxes. Screenshot: Missive

DocuSign provides compliant e-signature services. The DocuSign Organization Admin APITrack this API allows users to easily manage all DocuSign accounts and users through a single API. It also enables developers to integrate this management capability with existing systems while ensuring governance and compliance. Manage users, accounts, bulk operations, reserved domains and more with the API.

Point APITrack this API is an intelligent message response system. The Point API Track this API provides immediate personalized text suggestions. The technology learns how users and colleagues respond to messages and immediately recommends replies.

First Advantage is a global background check company. The First Advantage XChange REST APITrack this API enables developers to programmatically access the First Advantage global screening platform to screen job candidates, run background checks, perform fingerprint captures, test for drugs and alcohol, analyze criminal records, and manage employee cases. Methods are available to manage subscriptions, users, orders, and candidates.

ClickTime provides timesheets for tracking time on a phone or laptop, approving employee hours, accessing dashboards and reports, managing budgets and more. ClickTime Web APITrack this API allows developers to integrate applications with ClickTime Web Timesheets to manage employee time. Developers can utilize the API to automate reports, analyze outcomes, or update data with real-time insights into project performance.

Add easy timesheets functions to apps with ClickTime API

Add easy timesheets functions to apps with ClickTime API. Screenshot: ClickTime

Testdome provides automated skill testing services. The Testdome APITrack this API enables applications to invite job candidates from an HR tool and access a candidate report when they complete a skills test.

Verifile, based in Europe, offers background screening services for international criminal records, academic, and employment verification. The Verifile APITrack this API provides a way to implement employment background checks for human resources applications. This API can create large groups of checks on a single applicant with one POST request.

Vonage, a cloud communication provider, provides the Vonage Conversation API to manage data about conversations between two or more users of the service across various messaging channels in real-time. The API helps to streamline communication across channels and devices.

Kommunicate is a customer support platform with human and bot interactions. With the Kommunicate APITrack this API, developers can add several functionalities to their applications including live chat, contact management, bots, and analytics. The Kommunicate API is a REST interface used to update user details, send messages, and assign bots.

Miro provides team collaboration software and an online whiteboard for teams. Miro was formerly called RealTimeBoard. The Miro APITrack this API in REST architecture returns whiteboard data to collaborate including pictures, spreadsheets, tasks, and charts. With the API, developers can implement mapping data synced for remote workers.

Integrate files, screenshots, docs, spreadsheets and other tools into a collaborative Miro Whiteboard

Integrate files, screenshots, docs, spreadsheets and other tools into a collaborative Miro Whiteboard. Screenshot: Miro

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