ProgrammableWeb's Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2019: eCommerce, Marketing, and Social

This segment of the Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs added to ProgrammableWeb in 2019 focuses on eCommerce, Marketing, Sales, and Social Media. APIs in this article are from several categories including Advertising, Customer Relationship Management, Content, Printing, Products, Catalogs, Subscription, FeedbackMonetization, Auctions, Shipping, Barcodes, Ratings, Customization, Surveys, SEO, Tweets, and Engagement.

API news from the E-Commerce, Marketing and Sales sectors this past year focused on some added API and developer tools from major tech companies including eBay, Shopify, Google, Salesforce, Verizon, Adobe, Amazon, Twilio, and Square. Plus, some innovations from smaller companies such as VoiceSell, Bandwidth, Vungle, and Smaato.

Social Media API news during 2019 mainly focused on company policy regarding privacy, political advertisements, cyberbullying, and discrimination. However, some technology improvements and new APIs for developers from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat were also introduced.

Amazon Moments is a marketing service that allows developers to encourage user engagement by offering real-life rewards. The Amazon Moments Rewards APITrack this API allows users to reward their customers who complete specific actions with physical or digital items and products that are fulfilled by Amazon. Moments is a cross- Platform service for any tech with an HTTPS connection. The service and will issue personalized notifications when app customers reach moments.

Amazon Moments API

Image: Amazon

Salesforce is a provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services. Salesforce Lightning is a platform for building personalized CRM applications with little programming experience. It enables users to build collaboratively and deliver continuously, embed Artificial Intelligence and IoT while integrating Salesforce and third-party data. Salesforce Lightning provides a REST APITrack this API for interacting with the Lightning Platform. It enables developers to Resource metadata, create a new object, update a record and more. Resources are formatted as XML or JSON with the default being JSON.

eBay enhanced its API program during June 2019. The changes offered some new APIs including the eBay Sell Finances APITrack this API which developers gain a complete view of eBay transactions, manage payouts, reconcile accounting and more. Also new is the eBay Sell Recommendation APITrack this API, which gives users guidance for Promoted Listings through utilizing trending ad rates and recommended listings.

Google AdMob helps users monetize mobile applications through in-app advertising. The AdMob APITrack this API enables users to access the campaign, sites and applications data in an AdMob account with a secure programmatic interface. Developers can build custom applications using the AdMob API, which provides indirect access to corresponding C++, iOS, Android, and Unity SDKs. Google recently enhanced the SDKs and overhauled the API for improved access to greater insights for AdMob users.

The Facebook Graph API is not new to our directory but was presented with versioning updates during July 2019. Facebook Graph API v4.0Track this API now includes permissions for the ads_management, ads_read, instagram_basic, and manage_pages functions. Additionally, applications that have been temporarily approved for Page Public Content Access will now be required to undergo App Review. Additionally, the Webhooks have received backend improvements for performance. Additionally, Facebook Marketing API v4.0Track this API has undergone improvements, including the addition of Business Asset Groups, which allows businesses to more easily group Facebook assets and manage permissions to these assets.

Adzerk provides APIs for users to build customized advertising servers. The Adzerk Decision APITrack this API is in REST architecture and returns data to make ad requests in JSON format. With the API, developers can access decision data and content to implement ads in an application.

Optimove is a marketing hub with an actionable customer data platform at its core. The Optimove APITrack this API can be utilized to Fetch data updates, customer information, and perform segment-related functions.

Optimove API

Screenshot: Optimove

Index Exchange is a digital advertising marketplace. The Index Exchange APITrack this API enables users to retrieve information about ad campaigns, earnings, manage data, update inventory & passbacks, and more. The REST API allows users to manage publisher data in an Index Exchange account.

RewardOps is a loyalty cloud platform to help businesses integrate rewards programs. The RewardOps RESTful APITrack this API allows users to manage all aspects of a rewards program. It supports data passed to and from the API in JSON format.

Monetizr is a reward service that allows application users to buy game merchandise such as hats, t-shirts, figurines, decals as well as gift cards and brand-sponsored rewards. The Monetizr APITrack this API allows developers to integrate the ability for users to buy physical merchandise into their games.

Monetizer API

Screenshot: Monetizr

Zaius is an email marketing platform for retailers. It offers an integrated Customer Data Platform (CDP) which allows for a complete view of each customer to drive repeat business. The Zaius APITrack this API enables developers to manage list, export, and event information.

QuantumDigital is targeted direct marketing to accelerate sales and engagement for real estate agents and small to medium businesses. The QuantumDigital APITrack this API provides the fulfillment of commercial printing and direct mail applications including mailing list provisioning.

sellytics is a business intelligence tool for amazon vendors and sellers. The sellytics APITrack this API provides real-time marketplace data of Amazon, Idealo and websites that display product pages, sellers, reviews, keyword rankings, and bestsellers. Developers can use the API to retrieve products, categories, keywords, offer listings, reviews, and sellers.

sellytics API

Screenshot: sellytics

GoPinLeads is a sales leads finding and managing service. GoPinLeads APITrack this API provides programmatic access to the B2B sales leads finder. The API enables application users to search for information related to businesses, employees, or events. Also to find email addresses, physical addresses, contact numbers, social media profiles, website details, and more.

The Mastodon Project is a Decentralized social network. The Mastodon APITrack this API returns social networking data similar to Twitter without ads in a decentralized system. Developers can make callbacks to access accounts, custom emojis, follow requests and suggestions, media attachments, notifications, reports, statuses, and timelines.

Mastodon is open-source social software with an API for integration

Mastodon is open-source social software with an API for Integration. Screenshot: Mastodon

TurnTo provides user-generated content solutions for eCommerce. This content could be ratings, reviews, comments, visual reviews, and more. The TurnTo APITrack this API allows programmatic access to the platform with methods available to implement content about products, orders, media, questions, answers, replies, comments, reviews, articles, users, search, and update features.

BuddyPress is an open-source community project that helps site builders and WordPress developers add social features to websites. The BuddyPress v5.0 APITrack this API enables users to programmatically interact with the BuddyPress online community website platform. This includes access to enhance BuddyPress plugins with more responsive management tools, build complex single-page applications, create, read and update BuddyPress user-generated content and more.

TikTok is a social, short-form video application. The Share to TikTok APITrack this API allows users to add a "Share to TikTok" button to applications, and provides a way to share short-form videos with the TikTok community. The API is accessible indirectly via NodeJS, iOS, and Android SDKs.

DotDigital is a customer engagement platform that turns customer data and insight into personalized omnichannel marketing campaigns. The DotDigital APITrack this API provides programmatic access to the service with methods for managing campaigns, address books, contacts, unsubscribes, preferences, templates and more.

Hunter provides data services to connect people. The Hunter APITrack this API enables users to find and verify professional email addresses and integrate this service into applications. Get JSON formatted data for email addresses that are found via domain name plus first or last name, or other ways.

Prisync is a monitoring platform designed for competitor price tracking. The Prisync APITrack this API enables access to account products, lists, brands, and categories. Prisync automates data collection and provides suggestions with a dynamic pricing engine.

Keepa provides current and historical price charts for over 900 million eCommerce products. The Keepa APITrack this API offers access to live tracking, and price history data for almost all offer types including: Amazon (main), Amazon Marketplace New and Used, Amazon Warehouse Deals, Collectibles and Refurbished, eBay, and more. The API returns category details, bestseller lists & ASINs, third party sellers metrics and much more.

CreatorIQ is an enterprise influencer marketing platform. The CreatorIQ APITrack this API enables brands to facilitate the management of social media influencers' campaigns. Methods are available to add, update and manage multiple social influencer accounts, manage profile details, and more.


Screenshot: CreatorIQ

Checkmarks offers a social media username API. The Checkmarks APITrack this API enables users to find out if a username exists on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Vouchery is a coupon and promotion automation APITrack this API. Developers can use it to run promotional campaigns, use coupons, add loyalty point services, retrieve customers' behavioral information, and more. The service includes an engine to define rules based on basket data, customer history or anything else, and give different types of rewards to customers.

Kitewheel offers a customer journey platform that enables journey mapping and design, automation, optimization support, and analytics. Kitewheel Graph is the basic building block for customer journey execution. The Kitewheel Graph APITrack this API allows for Kitewheel business logic integration, including orchestrated events, and personalized customer experiences across all interaction channels.

Repsly provides retail execution software and tools for CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) and retail brands. The Repsly APITrack this API provides a way to connect Repsly retail execution services with CRM and ERP services.

Mothernode is an enterprise CRM that integrates sales orders, invoicing, and accounting. It provides sales automation, analytics, and customer management functions. The Mothernode APITrack this API offers data about customer records, contact records, leads, and events.

Readable provides tools to help users write better and improve their readability scores. The Readable APITrack this API returns JSON data that identifies the readability on a website, targeting copywriters, marketers, and online store entrepreneurs.

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