ProgrammableWeb's Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2019: Entertainment

This segment of the year's Most Clicked, Shared and Talked about APIs concerns the Entertainment sector. That would include TV, Movies, Music, Games, Gambling, Humor, Podcasts, Video, Animation, Books, Sports, and eSports.

API news from the video games industry during 2019 included some new Steam APIs, a Bitmoji SDK from Snap!, new tools for Unity developers, a new cross- Platform game development SDK from Microsoft, a live streaming API spec from AWS, and fewer tools for some multiplayer services from Google.

Other entertainment API news this past year included enhanced vision recognition for Sports from Google, updated Google Play Store rules to protect children from gambling, violence, and other adult applications, developer tools for Apple TV, Siri for Spotify users, Google's accessibility improvements, and controlling the TV via Alexa.

Below is a list of popular APIs that were added to ProgrammableWeb during 2019 from our Entertainment categories.

RAWG is a video game database and video game discovery service. The RAWG Video Games Database APITrack this API enables access to data about video games. The API allows users to search for 300,000 video games on 50 platforms, retrieve data about video games such as publishers, genres, descriptions, etc., get links to all online stores where users can buy a game, and find similar games.

A large number of Humor APIs were very popular this year, and evidently "Geek Jokes" reign, as a whopping number of ProgrammableWeb page visits to this API reveal. The Geek Jokes RESTful APITrack this API lets users Fetch a random geeky/programming related joke for use in all sorts of applications. This API is provided by developer Sameer Kumar.

Joke APITrack this API returns jokes of many types in JSON, XML and YAML formats. The API allows filters for NSFW, political or religious jokes, and returns jokes from miscellaneous, dark and programming categories.

Bets Bet365 APITrack this API provides programmatic access to all markets and odds available on the Bet365 website. Developers can retrieve all markets and odds or just prematch markets and odds. offers the largest collection of dad jokes on the internet. The icanhazdadjoke APITrack this API allows developers to retrieve a random joke, a specific joke, or search for jokes programmatically. Results are returned in JSON, text, GraphQL, as an image, or as a Slack message.

This API provides Dad jokes.

This API provides Dad jokes. Screenshot:

Qloo AI APITrack this API detects trends in user preferences and personalizes related items within a database of culture and entertainment. The API generates matching recommendations for user-to-item or item-to-item searches on a variety of media and lifestyle categories, in addition to mapping related entertainment spots in particular geographic locations. Books, fashion, film, music, podcasts, and television are some of the API's categories for media and lifestyle items.

Amazon Alexa Music Skill APITrack this API enables music service providers such as Spotify or Pandora to add music services to Alexa-powered devices. The Alexa Music Skill API also enables devices to understand a user's voice commands to play music. For example, a user could say, "Alexa, play 'I Can See For Miles' by The Who" to hear that particular song.

Harry Potter APITrack this API can enable applications to return spell routes, character routes, house routes, and sorting hat routes from the popular children's book series in JSON format. Parameters for characters include patronus, bloodStatus, school, wand, animagus, ministry of magic and others. The API is provided by developer Kristen Spencer.

Harry Potter API

Screenshot: Harry Potter API

Tronald Dump APITrack this API allows access to data that returns quotes for "the dumbest things Donald Trump has ever said." It supports JSON formatted responses for several categories, and a slack Integration for viewing available categories, searching categories, and personalizing search preferences.

Fortune API Track this APIis a REST interface that returns random fortunes originally from the fortune-mod repository by Shlomi Fish. Developers can add new fortunes or specify a genre by adding the datafile name to the Endpoint.

Open Pinball Database (OPDB) provides searchable data about pinball machines and an API to add pinball machine data into applications. All OPDB data results are JSON formatted and available via REST APITrack this API for querying data about specific machines, retrieving exports of the entire dataset, using specialized endpoints for typeahead searching and more.

Get pinball machine information with OPDB API

Get pinball machine information with OPDB API. Image: OPDB/The Internet Pinball Database

UI Faces aggregates photos from several web sources to provide avatars with real looking photos. Developers who use the UI Faces APITrack this API can specify several parameters such as age, gender, and emotion, so that users may filter and sort the photos according to their needs.

TheRundown offers real-time odds and scores from major sports-books. NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football, and NCAA Basketball are supported. TheRundown APITrack this API enables specific information associated with sports by ID, affiliates, and lines.


Broadage Sports is a sports data and technology company that offers API access to real-time data feeds for developers' projects and applications. Developers will need to create an account to get started with the APIs. Individual APIs are provided for Global DataTrack this API, as well as SoccerTrack this API, FootballTrack this API, VolleyballTrack this API, BaseballTrack this API, Ice HockeyTrack this API, BasketballTrack this API and HandballTrack this API.

Star Wars Quotes API returns random quotes from characters in the Star Wars Universe. Developers can use the Star Wars Quotes APITrack this API to integrate The Force into applications. We have listed this API in the Movies category.

The Force is with this API

The Force is with this API. Image: Lucasfilm

Goalserve delivers live sports data feeds in a wide range of competitive sports. We have added several of the company's APIs including the Goalserve eSports APITrack this API and the Goalserve Sports Cricket API Track this APIfor retrieving data such as live scores, game results, pre-match updates, odds, historical data, team rosters, player information, injuries, schedules, racing entries, detailed tournament and match coverage, and much more. the

Fight Analytics is a data company and independent UFC statistics provider that specializes in MMA combat sports. The Fight Analytics APITrack this API provides data about combat fighting for betting or other uses. This API provides real-time data for live scores, live stats by fighter, text commentaries, historical data, and more, for UFC, One FC, World Series of Fighting, KSW, Bellator and others. It provides tools to bookmakers for managing pricing and mathematical models.

Fight Analytics API

Screenshot: Fight Analytics

DonorDrive and the Extra Life program allow gamers to pledge and play video games to raise funds for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. The DonorDrive APITrack this API enables programmatic access to publicly available data from the Extra Life program. The API offers access to donations, donors, events, achievement badges, participants, and teams.

EDM Train APITrack this API retrieves information on upcoming EDM (electronic dance music) events and event locations in the US and Canada. Events can be filtered by event name, artist, venue, start date, and more. Locations can be filtered by city and state.

Captain Coaster is a community website that allows users to review, rate, and rank roller coasters. The Captain Coaster APITrack this API allows developers to get roller coaster resources, image resources, park resources, and status resources from the Captain Coaster website. Captain Coaster is free to use and is not affiliated with any park, manufacturer, or amusement industry company.

Get ratings, height, speed, location, and other details about roller coasters with this API

Get ratings, height, speed, location, and other details about roller coasters with this API. Image: Captain Coaster

CrackWatch APITrack this API offers JSON formatted news associated with the crack status of PC games. This API features endpoints for the newest cracks with list sorting and NFO support.

Crackwatch API

Screenshot: CrackWatch

Ovrstat provides statistics for Overwatch. Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game. Developers can get PC stats or Console stats returned with the Ovrstat APITrack this API.

Trint is a transcription platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. The Trint APITrack this API allows developers to access transcript and export endpoints. JSON is the preferred response format and the following audio and video formats are supported: MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC, WMA, AVI, WAV, and MOV.

Hooktheory provides developers with support for discovering the theory behind songs using music theory books, songwriting software, and TheoryTabs (see below). The Hooktheory APITrack this API exposes music chord probability data used in TheoryTab Library searches, which enables users to find the most popular chord progressions in music.

TheoryTabs show the theory behind songs

TheoryTabs show the theory behind songs. Screenshot: Hooktheory

Quantone offers in-depth data about the music industry. The Quantone APITrack this API has a REST architecture and endpoints for data about artists, albums, recordings, and musical works. The API offers third-party and public domain identifiers including Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, Discogs, MusicBrainz, and industry-standard IDs like UPCs and ISRCs.

ShotTracker provides sensors and wearable technology that delivers automatic real-time basketball stats and analytics. The ShotTracker APITrack this API is a sports performance platform that provides basketball team statistics such as zone maps, shot charts, and box scores. This API is capable of displaying a leaderboard for the team or for a specific player, analyze stats, and show live player movement in applications.

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