ProgrammableWeb's Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2019: Health, IoT, and Environment

This segment of the Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs added to ProgrammableWeb in 2019 contains APIs for Health and Environment, including selections from Home Automation, Internet of Things, Climate, Weather, Fitness, Wearables, Healthcare, Medicine, Medical Records, Energy, Agriculture, Sustainability, and Marine categories.

API news from this past year in these categories included some advancements for data sharing for healthcare professionals as well as patients.

Despite security and privacy concerns, the IoT sector is rapidly expanding. Some developer tools for creating smarter homes were released from Google and Amazon, Akamai, Twilio, Microsoft, and others.

Weather APIs continue to be popular. And while a few popular weather APIs were retired, new weather APIs were released including an API focused on public safety and one for wildfire data.

The past year's API highlights from the Health, IoT, and Environment categories are listed below. Let us know if we are missing any APIs in these categories.

Humana provides healthcare services and support. The Humana APITrack this API allows users to manage data, access data, and make data valuable for clients and consumers. API methods are available for drug info, FHIR, ER notifications, HL7 Messaging, Medicare enrollment, nutrition, plan and prescription information, and more.

MyTelemedicine provides services that allow doctors to treat patients online and by phone. MyTelemedicine APITrack this API enables developers to interact with the MyTelemedine Platform. The API leverages AWS and IBM Clouds to provide RESTful, HIPAA compliant implementation in third-party applications. It features methods for medical records management, real-time census management, HIPAA compliant video, plus multi-factor Authentication, RBAC, RSA Encryption, and more.

Gyant ENGAGE is an AI-powered healthcare communication platform. The Gyant APITrack this API provides indirect access for Android and iOS SDKs that are designed to improve the diagnosis and treatment of non-urgent conditions by combining messaging, AI, and medical experts.

Microsoft Azure API for FHIRTrack this API is a fully compliant API for clinical health data that enables users to create applications using analytics, Machine Learning, and actionable intelligence for health data. It enables the FHIR standardized exchange of data that is backed by a managed PaaS to ingest and manage health information.

Microsoft Azure API for FHIR

Screenshot: Microsoft

Stanford HIV Drug Resistance Database is a Resource for public health officials that are monitoring ADR and TDR, scientists developing new ARV drugs, HIV care providers managing patients and more. The Stanford HIVDB GraphQL APITrack this API allows users to obtain data and the ability to customize data schema. It provides a way to make requests to a GraphQL server which outputs JSON results.

Personal Remedies provides nutrition and lifestyle tools for helping patients with chronic conditions. The Personal Remedies Nutridigm ATrack this APIPI gives users access to a knowledge base that contains information about the helpfulness or harmfulness of a given food to any given illness. The API can identify the best food choices for an individual based on their multiple illnesses, health risks, allergies, food preferences and medications they might be taking.

Developers can produce personalized dietary services for patients with this API

Developers can produce personalized dietary services for patients with this API. Image: Personal Remedies

DrugBank is a curated pharmaceutical knowledge base for precision medicine, electronic health records, and drug discovery. The DrugBank APITrack this API provides data about clinical drugs for medicinal software and EMR software. It allows users to access DrugBank API endpoints to get information on drugs, drug products, and drug interactions.

PharmGKB is a pharmacogenomics knowledge resource regarding pharmacogenomic genes and gene-drug-disease relationships. The PharmGKB APITrack this API (Beta) returns JSON data with dosing guidelines, pathways, and clinical annotations and reference objects such as genes, chemicals, and variants. PharmGKB is managed at Stanford University and financially supported by NIH/NIGMS.


Screenshot: PharmGKB

GetGuidelines is an APITrack this API that returns medical guidelines from organizations such as CDC, USPSTF and American Cancer Society for submitting demographic and biomedical data for patients. With the API, developers can implement screening procedures, vaccinations, body mass index, blood pressure, ethnicity, pregnancy, coronary artery calcium score, and conditions. There's no Protected Health Information exchanged, therefore it is HIPAA compliant.

SocialClimb is a marketing and HIPAA compliant reputation management platform for physicians and other medical practitioners. The SocialClimb APITrack this API returns data about patient feedback to integrate into healthcare apps. With the API, developers might improve physicians' reputation, grow a healthcare practice, and reduce staff work by automating reviews, listings, surveys, insights, reports, and benchmarking.

Physicians can improve reputation and automate the feedback process with the SocialClimb API

Physicians can improve reputation and automate the feedback process with the SocialClimb API. Screenshot: SocialClimb

Garmin Health APITrack this API enables developers to leverage health and activity data collected from Garmin wearables. There are methods available to collect data about steps, sleep, calories, heart rate, stress, intensity minutes, body composition and more. Thirty types of activity are monitored including running, cycling, paddle boarding, swimming and more.

Omron provides wearable, doctor-recommended activity and blood pressure monitors. The Omron APITrack this API integrates end users' blood pressure and fitness activity data with applications. The API features OAuth 2.0 authentication, OpenID Connect, support for server-side and client applications, free access to staging and production environments, and on-demand data pulling.

weatherstack APITrack this API enables reliable and accurate global weather data in applications. The API supports methods for current weather, historical weather, and forecasts.

United States Geological Survey (USGS) provides tools to discover information about the Earth and its processes and provides science about hazards, water, energy, minerals, and other natural resources. The USGS Earthquake Catalog APITrack this API allows custom searches for earthquake information using a variety of parameters.

Cloverly is an APITrack this API for consuming carbon offsets. Additionally, it does have some endpoints for calculating carbon impact. This is the first API that allows the consumption of carbon offsets. Until now, APIs enabled calculations, but not purchases. Cloverly works with eCommerce platforms including Shopify and Magento.

Weatherbit Current Air Quality APITrack this API returns live air quality conditions, and air quality index scores for any point in the world. And Weatherbit Air Quality Forecast APITrack this API returns hourly forecasted air quality conditions and air quality index score. Both APIs include data on the 6 major surface pollutants - PM 2.5, PM 10, CO, SO2, NO2, and O3.

AerisWeather provides weather services and tools for business needs and building custom weather applications. The AerisWeather Fires APITrack this API provides access to a dataset of active wildfires across the U.S. Data returned includes the type of fire, location, area (size), cause and percent contained.

USDA Resource Management Survey (ARMS) APITrack this API returns data to search, display, analyze, retrieve, view, and access agricultural information. The API returns farming business financial statements, operator income, government payments, and more.

BrAPI Breeding APITrack this API provides access to a plant database with plant phenotype and genotype data. This open, shared API returns information associated with crops, germplasm, attributes, programs, locations, and genome maps.

Iteris provides APIs to help solve complex agricultural problems. Iteris ClearAg Rain Gauge APITrack this API returns recent historical precipitation accumulations and radar reflectivity data. Information is available from satellite estimates, surface observations, numerical weather analysis, and prediction information. Get precipitation totals by hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours and hourly precipitation data for the past 24 hours with this API.

Agriness provides a farm animal production, information, and management platform. The Agriness S4 is designed to increase production efficiency in pig farms. The S4 APITrack this API integrates livestock management capabilities with direct access to accounts, entities, and farm information.

Whale Hotline APITrack this API allows developers to access public sighting reports of marine mammals. The Hotline receives thousands of sightings every year. Sightings can be filtered by species, orca type, orca pod, date and time, and location. This API is provided by The Whale Museum.

Whale Hotline API

Screenshot: The Whale Museum

NOAA Fisheries provides the FishWatch APITrack this API to help spread information about the science behind U.S. sustainable seafood. For a given fish species, the FishWatch API can return information on population, fishing rate, habitat impacts, bycatch, availability, source, taste, texture, and more.

Microsoft Azure Digital Twins APITrack this API provides management capabilities for IoT applications. The API supports filtering and navigation throughout a spatial graph. The API supports components for physical locations, devices, sensors, resources, types, collections, and users.

DicksonOne is a cloud-based environmental monitoring system. The DicksonOne APITrack this API returns JSON data about environmental monitoring. Methods are available for device monitoring for temperature, unit readings, events about device settings, and other sensor data.

Tapkey is an access platform designed for property management, car sharing, and unattended delivery. Tapkey Management offers a platform to interact with physical locks as well as storing keys for online and offline use. The APITrack this API enables the control of locks, cards, and users.

DoorBird provides video doorbell and door intercom services. The DoorBird Open APITrack this API allows developers to integrate the DoorBird Video Door Station ecosystem into applications. It provides notifications on a smartphone when the doorbell button is pressed. It enables users to see visitors, talk to them and open the door from any place globally using a smartphone or tablet.

DoorBird API for smart door integration

Image: DoorBird

SiteWhere is an application development platform designed to build and deploy IoT systems. The SiteWhere APITrack this API provides access to resources, batch operations, customers, devices, and schedules.

Smappee provides cleantech solutions including IoT monitoring devices to help improve energy efficiency. The Smappee APITrack this API returns device data to maximize savings in a home or business including electricity, water, air conditioning, heat pump and boiler, solar energy, home battery, smart devices, home theater, and EV charger.

Flapit is a physical counter that is connected to several social media platforms that including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and others. The Flapit REST APITrack this API allows users to control a Flapit counting device by directly specifying the symbols. It can be used to manage Flapit counting devices, sending specific commands and other tasks.

Sentiance uses IoT sensor data to gather insights into user behavior and to predict user context based on historical data and current situation. The Sentiance APITrack this API interprets data in real-time to determine user location, transport mode, and base-level activities. The Sentiance GraphQL APITrack this API supports mutable queries related to user information, events, and segmentation.

Genomelink is a service for deciphering raw DNA. The Genomelink APITrack this API returns JSON responses containing genomics information by specifying parameters such as population and phenotype. With the API, developers can create custom applications based on a user's genetic attributes. Genomelink features HIPAA-grade security, no secondary data usage, and user information is completely deletable.

Introduction to the Genomelink API Video: YouTube/Khoi Pham

Suunto sells custom sports watches for tracking personal data. Suunto provides APIs for approved partners to enhance applications. The Suunto Workout APITrack this API provides access to workouts recorded on Suunto watches. This API can retrieve a workout image, get a workout summary in JSON, or get a list of workout data. The Suunto Daily Activity APITrack this API provides developers with daily steps and energy consumption data.

Nokē provides smart security solutions. The Nokē API provides mobile access to doors, gates, storages, units, and containers from a mobile phone using smart access control without a key.

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