ProgrammableWeb's Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2019: Lifestyle and Education

This segment of the Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2019 pertains to the Lifestyle and Education categories. Sub-categories covered in this article are Real Estate, Recreation, Food, Nutrition, Writing, News Services, Auto, Travel, Transportation, Cycling, Air Travel, Hotels, Science, Astronomy, Nature, Animals, Art, Politics, Law, and Museums. Developers who create applications for learning, travel, exploring, daily living and enriching the mind may find this list useful.

ProWritingAid is a grammar checker, style editor, and editing tool. The ProWritingAid APITrack this API enables users to analyze written works. Developers can access available reports with acronyms, sentences, cache, consistency, dialog, diction, eloquence, pacing, paragraph readability, sentiment, SEO, term, transition, and words and phrases.

ProWritingAid API

Screenshot: ProWritingAid

SignalVine is an AI-powered messaging Platform for higher education institutions. The SignalVine APITrack this API enables messaging features for all aspects of academic cycles, such as college access, admissions, financial aid, retention, alumni engagement, and workforce development. Methods are available for participant, program, and message retrieval.

Math Tools Numbers APITrack this API enables users to get Number of the day, generate random numbers, get cardinal or ordinal of a number, convert to Egyptian, Chinese, Roman, or Binary, get number facts, check if a number is prime, get digits of Pi up to a million and anything else you want to do with numbers.

Speechace provides speech recognition services to aid in learning languages. The Speechace APITrack this API uses speech recognition to score pronunciation and fluency and can evaluate a student's utterance and return a pronunciation score and detailed word, syllable, and phoneme level score plus feedback to identify mispronunciations. For longer speech, the API also returns a speaking fluency score and estimated International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and Pearson Test of English (PTE) Speaking scores.

Video: Speechace/Vimeo

Lawmatics provides a platform to automate CRM, marketing, and intake services for law practices. Lawmatics Open APITrack this API has been created for Lawmatics customers to connect with Lawmatics Services programmatically, or to create general-purpose applications for Lawmatics Users.

Stratfor provides global awareness and guidance to individuals, governments, and businesses with tools to analyze world affairs. The Stratfor Enterprise API allows users to interpret global events within the context of an existing application. Developers can retrieve data about global events, country threat indices, and actionable geopolitical forecasts from Stratfor Worldview.

UniCourt provides access to court records and legal analytics. The UniCourt Legal Data APITrack this API enables users to search through millions of Court cases from U.S. State and Federal Courts, access structured legal data of cases, update cases real-time from the court, order court documents and much more. Methods are available for accessing case details including attorneys, dockets, docket download, updating cases, tracking cases, and more.

NGP is a technology service provider for political campaigns. The NGP VAN APITrack this API returns JSON data about political fundraising and compliance. With the API, developers can create and manage applications using API methods for people, canvass responses, activist codes, survey questions, codes, events, supported groups, district fields, and designations into applications.

Rainbow Connection provides information to promote rights for LGBT people in the U.S. The Rainbow Connection APITrack this API Track this API offers JSON responses containing members of congress, bills, and issues affecting LGBT policy. This data can be utilized to dynamically populate visualizations.

Knock is a CRM for property managers. Knock features channel management, customer reminders, engagement score monitoring, collaboration tools, and goal tracking. The Knock APITrack this API enables prospect management and property details. provides a service to find, assess and generate property designs. The ArchiStar APITrack this API provides a way to find property development potential for any block of land. The API enables users to find potential based on the suburb, street address, property insights, planning essentials, and more.

Home Junction provides data services for researching and building residential real estate tools. The Home Junction Slipstream Web Services APITrack this API enables applications to provide real estate data including information on schools, MLS listings, area demographics, public records, home values, market statistics, area boundaries, geocodes and more.

Realty Mole scans thousands of rental listings to calculate an estimated rent for any address. The Realty Mole Property APITrack this API can be used to retrieve property details like square footage, year built, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. This RESTful API supports looking up specific properties or searching for lists of properties based on various criteria.

TheMealDB is a database of recipes with photos. The TheMealDB APITrack this API enables access to an open online database of food meal recipes that integrates into applications, web, etc. This is a simple JSON API with features like high-quality transparent PNG ingredients, meal image uploads, browse meals in sequence and more. TheMealDB originated on the Kodi forums as a cool way to browse recipes on users' TVs.

Whisk is a food platform for building digital food experiences. The Whisk Graph APITrack this API allows developers to interact with the Whisk platform in order to integrate recipe feeds, recipe search, shopping lists, eCommerce, food data, and personalization features into their own applications.

XYZ menus offers an APITrack this API to access a database of over 350,000 restaurant menus and restaurants. Additionally, the interface provides information on over 30,000,000 individual menu items.

TSA Wait Times APITrack this API retrieves the current estimated wait times, TSA PreCheck lines, and airport delays for all U.S. airports. Developers can make calls that will display XML responses in return.

Mercedes-Benz Mobile Me iOSTrack this Framework/Library and AndroidTrack this Framework/Library SDKs were released to encapsulate customer data and vehicle functions needed to develop mobile applications for Mercedes-Benz cars. Also from the company is the Mercedes-Benz Pay As You Drive Insurance APITrack this API allows users to get information about the odometer of a connected vehicle for mileage-based insurance services, among others.

Vini APITrack this API offers vehicle history reports from Carfax, AutoCheck, and Copart. The API can be utilized to check balances, retrieve reports, add funds, and check report availability by VIN number.

TomTom introduced two new APIs in response to the growth in the electronic vehicle (EV) market. The TomTom Extended Routing APITrack this API can calculate a route containing EV charging stops between a given origin and destination. Developers can set the minimum battery level at the destination and the minimum battery level at each of the intermediate charging stops. TomTom Extended Search APITrack this API provides EV charging station availability information including the number of charging spots that are available, occupied, reserved, of unknown availability, or out of service.

Avis Budget Group operates mobile solutions for Avis, Budget, and Zipcar. The Avis Rental Car Suite APITrack this API allows developers to access rental car product catalogs, reservations, and locations offered by Avis, Budget, and Zipcar. The API enables request flows for car renting on behalf of users.

Multicycles is an application that enables access to different bicycle rental services, bike-share services, scooter shares, and shared cars. Multicycles is available in more than 650 cities. The Multicycles GraphQL APITrack this API allows users to query data about shared vehicles from a large group of providers in a single request, and to locate and book the vehicles closest to you. The API allows users to aggregate user accounts into one, get trips history, and unlock vehicles. More than 40 providers are currently implemented.

Create apps for booking shared bikes and other vehicles with Multicycles API

Create apps for booking shared bikes and other vehicles with Multicycles API. Image:

Divesites is the open dive site database for scuba divers. The Divesites APITrack this API returns database information for scuba divers including location, weather, latitude & longitude, map, and tide stations. Divesites API determines the location using Geo IP location and return sites in a radius from that point.

Golfbert offers automated gold stat tracking tools and geo-plotted course maps. The Golfbert APITrack this API provides golf course information including GPS coordinates and geo polygons of course fairways and holes. Additionally, the API provides tracking tools such as shot-by-shot stats, and metrics.

Get polygons for golf greens, fairways, and hazards with Golfbert API

Get polygons for golf greens, fairways, and hazards with Golfbert API. Screenshot: Golfbert

Hiking Project is a crowdsourced hiking Portal that provides hiking maps, trail guides, reviews and photos submitted by fellow hikers. It is part of REI's Adventure Projects network. The Hiking Project Data APITrack this API provides access to some of the data found on the publicly available pages of the Hiking Project website. Developers can retrieve trails by maximum distance, minimum trail length, or minimum star rating. They can also get conditions for a given trail or retrieve a list of up to 200 of a user's hike to-dos.

Access data about 55,272 trails with Hiking Project API

Access data about 55,272 trails with Hiking Project API. Image: Adventure Projects/REI

National Park Service APITrack this API returns data about U.S. national park events, news, and alerts. With the API, developers can implement information about campgrounds, lesson plans, parks, people, places, and visitor centers into applications.

eBird is a bird discovery website from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology partnered with Audubon. The eBirdTrack this API this API allows developers to programmatically retrieve data from the eBird website such as recent or notable observations within a region, observations of a given species within a region, recent nearby observations, and historic observations on a given date. Developers can also get information on regions, hotspots, bird taxonomy, and more. is a website that allows naturalists, scientists, and citizens to record, share, and discuss their wildlife observations with others. iNaturalist hosts more than 28 million observations of more than 80,000 species around the world and is a joint initiative of the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society. The iNaturalist APITrack this API allows developers to integrate wildlife sighting data into their applications.

Get data from thousands of nature observations with this API

Get data from thousands of nature observations with this API. Image: iNaturalist

Mushroom Observer is an online repository of mushroom observations featuring mushroom locations, images, species, glossaries, comments, and other mushroom data. The Mushroom Observer APITrack this API allows developers to integrate mushroom related resources with applications. The API can be utilized to access entry points to retrieve images, comments, locations, names, projects, and sequences. aims to deliver all plant information gathered from USDA, Tela Botanica, Tropicos, and International Plant Names Index (IPNI). The Trefle APITrack this API returns botanical data for plant species in JSON format. With the API, developers could build farming robots, gardening apps, and search apps with information related to plants of the world.

The Whale Museum provides the Whale Hotline APITrack this API to allow developers to access public sighting reports of marine mammals. The Hotline receives thousands of sightings every year. Sightings can be filtered by species, orca type, orca pod, date and time, and location.

Beaker is an open-source software that enables users and administrators to do things like manage systems across multiple labs, maintain an automated inventory of system hardware details, and schedule tasks to run on one or more systems. The Beaker Project APITrack this API allows developers to manage and automate lab tests of computers.

SunCalc APITrack this API enables applications to determine the course of the sun, sunrise, sun angle, shadow length, solar eclipse for any location and time. And from the same developer, the MoonCalc APITrack this API can determine the course of the moon, moonrise, moon angle, full moon and lunar eclipse for any location and time. Both APIs allow users to integrate the calculation of the sun's (or moon's) location that is based on latitude, longitude, date, time and more. They are provided by developer Torsten Hoffman (Hoffisoft).

Determine the path of the sun with SunCalc API

Determine the path of the sun with SunCalc API. Image: Suncalc/Hoffisoft

ipgeolocation Astronomy APITrack this API provides timings for astronomical events including sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, sun azimuth, moon azimuth, sun altitude, moon altitude, sun distance from the earth, and moon distance from the earth. The returned information is given relative to date and geocoordinates or an IPv4 or IPv6 address.

Space Launch Now provides updates on spaceflight missions globally. The Space Launch APITrack this API is a RESTful service that allows users to view space stations, returns all launch objects or a single launch, returns previous launch objects and more.

Datastreamer provides APIs for social media, news, and blogs. Datastreamer provides a search APITrack this API as well as firehose (streaming) APIsTrack this API, and indexes more than 100M posts per day. In terms of raw data, they can provide you with 250GB of data per day and have 1PB of archives over 5 years.

Illustris Project is a simulation of galaxy formation. Illustris offers tools to perform analysis on very large files. The Illustris APITrack this API supports search, extract, and visualization endpoints. Data is provided as JSON objects. This service is a combination of high-resolution imagery, high total volume capacity, and physical fidelity.

Illustris Simulation provides the most detailed simulation of our Universe. Video: YouTube/Mark Vogelsberger

Amadeus provides several travel-related APIs including some standouts such as the Amadeus Flight Inspiration Search APITrack this API which provides vacation inspiration by returning a list of flight destinations from a given origin (city or airport), for a given budget and for a specific date or time period. Also, the Amadeus Hotel Ratings APITrack this API, which returns hotel ratings based on an automated sentiment analysis algorithm applied to online reviews, and the Amadeus Trip Parser APITrack this API, which allows developers to create a standardized and structured trip itinerary based on information from booking confirmation emails and e-tickets.

ReviewPro provides ratings for more than 55,000 hotels worldwide. The ReviewPro APITrack this API allows you access to review data. This includes services for; Lodging GRI and Source Rating Indexes, Average scores, GRS Rating Indexes, Lodging Rating Distribution and more.

Birdlance is an online marketplace for artists that helps freelance photographers and illustrators with proof of authorship and intellectual property. The Birdlance APITrack this API returns information about artist transactions, notes, operations, accounts, currency, and utility data via an Endpoint port.

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