ProgrammableWeb's Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2019: Mapping and Location

This part of our series about the Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs added to our directory in 2019 covers Mapping and Location APIs. Developers looking to add mapping services, routing services, location services, or other geospatial and localization services to applications should take a look at this list. Sub-categories covered in this segment include Localization, 3D, Logistics, Shipping, Robots (Drones), Photos, and Transportation.

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Bing Maps Elevations APITrack this API enables users to retrieve elevation values for a set of locations, a polyline path or area on the Earth. Bing Maps Local Business Search APITrack this API returns a list of business entities centered around a location or a geographic region.

rideOS Path APITrack this API is a part of the rideOS global autonomous vehicle transportation Platform. The API enables users to find the optimal path between multiple waypoints within specified constraints.

Altitude Angel provides support services and software to integrate drones safely into the sky. The GuardianUTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) OS is the company's airspace management and Integration platform for drones. The Altitude Angel GuardianUTM APITrack this API allows users to send and receive data about drone operations, environment, regulations, hazards and more. The API features methods for weather, area report, map data and space weather.

Introducing GuardianUTM O/S: The Airspace Management Operating System Video: YouTube/Altitude Angel

Arktis GPS APITrack this API retrieves location GPS data. The API allows Internet of Things devices to send longitude and latitude data points to Arktis, where it is timestamped and stored for the user to view on an interactive map. Developers can send XML HTTP requests to receive responses in JSON format.

RealEarth is a mapping data discovery platform developed by the Space Science and Engineering Center and the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The RealEarth APITrack this API provides the latest simulations associated with meteorology, aviation, flood hazards, and more.

An overlay of GOES IFR probability is displayed on RealEarth map

An overlay of GOES IFR probability is displayed on RealEarth map. Image: RealEarth

Geosys provides satellite remote sensing technology for the agriculture industry. The Geosys Bridge APITrack this API provides programmatic access to Geosys remote sensor data processing tools. The API allows a business to access weather and agriculture imagery from satellite, integrate analytical data, optimize data flow, and filter options for complex requests.

Geosys Bridge API

Screenshot: Geosys

Digitransit is a real-time open source journey planner platform. The Digitransit Routing APITrack this API provides a way to plan itineraries and query public transportation-related information about stops and timetables using GraphQL. The Digitransit Geocoding APITrack this API is a traditional REST interface that provides a way to perform address searches and address lookups known as reverse geocoding. The Digitransit Map APITrack this API provides background (raster) map images, points of interest, ticket sales positions, city bike stations and more. provides fast, secure information about IP addresses. SmartIP APITrack this API users can enrich any IP address with geolocation data, ASN and hostname information, enforce GDPR compliance, assess potential risks and much more.

Nicesi provides the Location APITrack this API to add reverse geocoding, time zone and elevation services to applications. Reverse Geocoding turns geographic coordinates into place names. Location Timezone allows developers to get time zone info and Location Elevation provides digital elevation model data for locations (latitude/longitude) on the earth.

DroneMapper provides drone mapping and orthomosaic imagery services. The DroneMapper APITrack this API provides photogrammetric processing of aerial images. The API can be utilized to generate georeferenced digital elevation models, orthomosaic maps and point clouds with or without Ground Control Points (GCP).

DroneMapper API

Screenshot: DroneMapper

Tollguru provides route optimization services. The Tollguru Toll APITrack this API enables applications to calculate tolls and gas costs for all toll roads, tunnels, bridges, turnpikes, and tollways in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and India. This includes data about tolls for cars, trucks, trailers, RVs, buses, and motorcycles.

HERE Forward Geocoder APITrack this API enables high precision conversion of real-world addresses into latitude/longitude coordinates for mapping and spatial analysis. This API provides fresh and accurate enterprise-grade location information in 196 countries and is the perfect choice for any global solution requiring location services. A HERE Reverse Geocoder APITrack this API is also available.

Targomo provides a web-based platform for geographic network analysis, data visualization, and route planning. The Targomo REST APITrack this API provides a way to return mapping data and precise routing calculations or cars, bikes, walking and public transport in JSON format. The API returns a list of points of interest for a given source coordinate, optimal subsets of source points, fleet planning, statistics and more. Data is sourced from OpenStreetMap-project, the General Transit Feed Specification, and other public data sets via third party providers. Targomo was formerly known as Route360°.

Targomo API

Screenshot: Targomo

DEM Net Elevation APITrack this API provides 3D textured models and elevation data. The API can be used to retrieve dataset sources, specific dataset information, reports, elevation for a specific location, and imagery information.

Linxup is a provider of GPS tools designed for fleets of vehicles and assets. The Linxup REST-based APITrack this API enables access to GPS locations, stops, trips, usage, jobs, geofence information, tracking, and alerts. The API responds in JSON.

IndoorAtlas is an indoor positioning platform for wayfinding inside of buildings. The IndoorAtlas Positioning APITrack this API enables device location with Wi-Fi, and access to floor plan metadata. This API supports methods for venue information, POST location services, and floor plans. The IndoorAtlas Data APITrack this API is an experimental interface that provides indoor mapping session data to approved clients.

Indooratlas on Smartwatch Demo Video: YouTube/IndoorAtlas

Elebase is a platform for creating place-based applications. Elebase combines geospatial capabilities with file management, geographic data modeling, file sharing, and data features. The Elebase APITrack this API enables developers to run sophisticated geospatial queries and build place-based applications and websites.

Elebast API

Image: Elebase

Digital Elevation Model - Terrainizer APITrack this API enables 3D file or 3D mesh models in gLTF format of any terrain selection. Developers need to provide 3D point coordinates. Data is sent and received in JSON format. The API supports a maximum of 2,601 3D points per request.

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