ProgrammableWeb's Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2019

Another year is ending, which means here at ProgrammableWeb it's time take a look at the API highlights of 2019.

First off, a quick review of our year here at ProgrammableWeb. This year was a big one for operations here at ProgrammableWeb. 2019 saw an increase in the growth rate of our directory, with more than 2,500 APIs, 3,250 SDKs, and 3,210 Source Code Samples added to the directory by our own research team or submitted by our readers. Financial APIs were the number one added category, with Data at a close second. And it's not surprising in this data-driven world that developers showed the most interest in Data APIs, tracking more than 200 of those, with Financial APIs coming in second (see chart below).

Number of APIs added in 2019
Number of APIs tracked by members in 2019
Financial306 Data200
Numbers of APIs are as of December 13, 2019


Our editors and writers were also very busy this year. Along with regular API news and how-to articles, we also began publishing briefs about the top APIs in each of our directory categories. We published a five-part in-depth API University series about Understanding, Building and Using GraphQL APIs. Another API University series focused on the technical barriers to quitting Facebook. And since we look at so many of them, we published a comprehensive guide on how to best engage developers through a developer portal. The research required for that article inspired us to create an ongoing series of editorial awards for the best API portals, with GitHub, Stream and Twilio taking the first honors.

Finally, we are proud to say our new data model was rolled out. Over two years of discussion and research went into this project, and we took into consideration API Versioning, API trends, API architectural styles, and other concerns to improve our data and your access to it. We hope you enjoy the improvements as we strive to become the world's most comprehensive and searchable Resource for developers.

But let's get back to the APIs!

In this series, we present the APIs that piqued the interest of our readers and our researchers. As in previous years, our methodology for choosing the APIs in this story involved a combination of interest shown by website traffic, social media buzz (such as Facebook Likes and Twitter mentions), popular categories, favorites from our team of API researchers, and a dartboard.

This series of articles is presented by subjects including Application Development and Developer Tools (23 APIs), Big Data and Analytics (15), Business and Productivity (36), Cognitive Computing (26), Entertainment (26), eCommerce, Marketing, and Social (30), Health, IoT, and Environment (31), Lifestyle, and Education (37), Mapping and Location (21), Payments, Banking, Blockchain and Finance (36), Security and Privacy (35 APIs).

The total number of APIs that made the cut during 2019 is 316, but we are sure there are more. Did we miss any APIs you found notable this year? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below!

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