ProgrammableWeb's Most Interesting APIs in 2016: Application Development and Developer Tools

We begin our series about interesting APIs from 2016 with Application Development and Developer Tools highlights. Application Development and DevOps tools have arrived in droves, and so have the APIs that are used to integrate with them. Included in this section of the most interesting APIs of 2016 are APIs for Application Development, DevOps, Automation, Tools, Monitoring, Project Management, Parsing, and Testing, among others. Here are some highlights:

Plumbr is a monitoring system designed to detect issues in Java applications. It's useful for memory leaks discovery, garbage collection pauses, and slow HTTP operations. The Plumbr APITrack this API is used only to retrieve data resources.

Craft. AI is an AI engine created for developers, and is powered by a visual editor and the RESTful APIs. The API is an HTTP REST API that provides developers tools for using Users can add contextual and personalized automation in mobile, Web and IoT applications.

Add context awareness and adaptive learning to IoT apps with API
Add context awareness and adaptive learning to mobile, web and IoT apps with Image Credit:

Jam API is a service that enables users to Parse a website into a JSON accessible API via CSS selectors. The APITrack this API features element properties and corresponding arrays.

Open Project is an open source project management Platform. Developers can integrate with the Open Project APITrack this API to manage projects in an open source collaborative environment. The API is listed under the Project Management category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Project Management APIs.

The SearchMan App Store APITrack this API allows developers access to the iOS App Store and Google Play store. SearchMan offers access to a database of over 3.5 millions apps and their relevant metadata. Data returned includes category lists and rankings, name or ID search, autocomplete, keywords, lookalike apps, reviews and Twitter handles.

Languagelayer can detect the structural, textual, and semantic characteristics of different languages. It is a fully-documented, AI-based version that operates as a simple REST APITrack this API that can analyze over 170 languages.

Languagelayer translation API

Here's a demonstration of Languagelayer translation API Image Credit: Languagelayer

Arukas Cloud is a docker-based Container-as-a-service Heroku-inspired workflow allowing for ease to deployment and management of apps at scale. With the Arukas APITrack this API, developers can control, create or edit applications and manage containers. The API is a fully supported release with the ability to with applications Ubuntu, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Redis, and PHP.

PageMeta APITrack this API can parse important metadata from a webpage. It parses the DOM and sends back datasets like page title, description, language, keywords, robots, canonical rel links, favicon, app icons, open graph, Twitter properties, linked data (ld+json), and much more.

PageMeta API results for a recent ProgrammableWeb article
Here's a demonstration of PageMeta results for a recent ProgrammableWeb article Image Credit:

Zephyr is a cloud based testing platform with applications and metrics based visibility via real time dashboards. Using the Zephyr REST APITrack this API or the Zephyr SOAP Web Services APITrack this API, developers can integrate Zephyr services into apps, create a testcase in a sepaate tool and add it to Zephyr, or create an execution cycle and update the status of a testcase execution run.

IconFinder is a search tool for graphic designers and Web developers. IconFinder REST APITrack this API allows users access to a Library of icons through IconFinder.

IconFinder REST API finds icons
A sampling of search results in IconFinder for "API" Image Credit: IconFinder

Classeur is a collaborative service for writing notes, documents, and blogs using Markdown. Classeur APITrack this API allows developers to access written content and resources. Users can create an unlimited number of files, folders, and classeurs and export their work to PDF, Word, and EPUB.

Open Search Server (OSS) is a search engine with RESTFul API plus web and database crawlers. The OSS Search APITrack this API provides developers with the opporutnity to power applications with Apache Lucene text search, boolean search, range searches, faceting, and highlighting integrations.

Google's Firebase App Indexing APITrack this API enables apps to add content to Google's on-device index. The API allows users to directly navigate to content searched from a Google search box from within an app. For apps not yet installed, relevant searches trigger an install recommendation.

An introduction to Google's Firebase App Indexing video: YouTube/Firebase

Rancher provides infrastructure services that include networking, storage services, host management, load balancing, and more. The Rancher APITrack this API allows developers to access a platform for deploying and managing containers in production. Rancher comes with commercially-supported distributions of Mesos, Docker Swarm, and Kubernetes in order to make it easy to run applications on any infrastructure.

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