ProgrammableWeb's Most Interesting APIs in 2016: Big Data and Data Analytics

This list of interesting APIs from 2016 encapsulates two of the hottest categories on ProgrammableWeb: Data and Analytics. Also featured are a few popular APIs from the Data Visualization, Big Data, and Database categories.

First off is an API that was really popular with our Twitter audience:, the "Plug and Play Database," which provides user database services via web-based management, data models without coding, and noSQL database backend. The restdb API provides tools for developers in data collection and media content, featuring quickly defining data backends.

FlightAware offers live flight tracking and other air travel information to application users and developers. The FlightAware Firehose APITrack this API is used to obtain worldwide commercial aircraft positions in real time. Additionally, it provides the calling system with flight information such as flight plans, cancellations, departure and arrival times, and arrival messages. Developers will need a FlightXML API Key in order to integrate applications with this service. FlightAware FlightXML API is used to build aviation related applications which can query FlightAware's live flight information. Information available includes aircraft location, flight or tail number, origin and destination airports, aircraft type, altitude and ground speed, among others. Airport information such as scheduled flights is also available. The FlightXML API supports the SOAP protocol.

FlightAware FlightXML API

FlightAware API data includes delay times and flight cancellations as shown in thier "Misery Map" Image Credit: FlightAware

Ardoq is an open Platform for structured Documentation. It allows documentation updates through browsers with markdown and autocompletion. Ardoq provides visualizations for systems and analyses and an APITrack this API for programmatic access.

Synoptic is an earth data aggregation and distribution platform. Developers can use the Synoptic APITrack this API to get information about networked weather stations such as geocoordinates, firezones, observational data, latency, accumulated precipitation, and more.

A StormPrint of Hurricane Arthur made with data from Synoptic API

A StormPrint of Hurricane Arthur made with data from Synoptic API Image Credit: Synoptic

The Google Trends API offers a layer for Google Trends data. It can be used to retrieve keyword popularity data by location, and date. Several API methods are available including extracting current top 20 trending topics for a desired location (hotTrends), returning the top 30 searches of the last month (top30in30), or returning data by category (categoryTopCharts).

Inspectlet is a service to analyze users with heatmaps and screen capture while recording actual visitor sessions. Then search and retrieve your session recordings online using this JSON-based APITrack this API. The API allows modification for complex searches by name, country, tags, IP, browser, device and more.

Inspectlet API tracks eye movement and clicks

Inspectlet API can track visitor mouse eye movement, clicks, scrolling and show heatmaps of the engagement. Image Credit: Inspectlet

Machine Learning APIs for data analytics are becoming so popular it prompts the question, "Will the API Kill the Data Scientist?". An example is PipelineDB's Stride API, a real time analytics-as-a-service API that allows developers to collect, process, analyze, and push event data to and from apps in realtime via a simple API. Queries are created using Stride SQL (a simplified SQL).

Cenit IO APITrack this API is an open platform for data and business Integration (iPaaS). It processes, storages and moves data inbetween Cloud or On-Premise services. It has been designed to orchestrate data flows that may involve several kinds of endpoints (APIs, Datasets, EDI), and makes possible the automation of all operational processes in a company.

 Cenit IO website

Head over to the Cenit IO website for a tour of their service Screenshot: Cenit IO

The AnyChart APITrack this API is a cross-platform HTML5/ JavaScript charting Library. AnyChart charts can be interactive and built in real-time with client-side data updates, in a wide variety of chart types, including bar, range, scatter, 3d charts, and heatmaps. To ease the learning curve, samples of charts are provided in the AnyChart Playground.

Developers can create data charts with AnyChart API

Here's a small sampling of the type of charts developers can create with AnyChart API Image Credit: AnyChart

Fieldbook provides relational structure in a spreadsheet format. Fieldbook APITrack this API provides developer tools for reading, writing records, and viewing, editing databases. Users can store content or configuration for apps and act as a quick back end.

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