ProgrammableWeb's Most Interesting APIs in 2016: Cognitive Computing

This next section of interesting APIs from 2016 contains notable choices from our Recognition, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Predictions, and Natural Language Processing categories.

The Microsoft Cognitive Services Computer Vision API analyses images and returns information about them. It can be used to filter mature content or to detect faces in an image.

Microsoft Computer Vision API detects faces and more

Microsoft Computer Vision API detects faces, celebrities, text, and returns description, colors, thumbmnails and much more Image Credit: Microsoft

UnificationEngine is Unified Inbox's Internet of Communications (IoC) platform. UnificationEngine API can access endpoints that communicate with various connectors, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, Weibo and more.

UnificationEngine API - integrate multiple communication channels

UnificationEngine makes it possible for developers to integrate multiple communication channels using a single API Image Credit: Unified Inbox

The Google Awareness APITrack this API manages data from seven different location and contextual signals from users of Android devices. Contextual data is aggregated from sensors about locations, places, and activities. The seven signals include time, location, places, beacons, headphones, activity, and weather.

Introduction of the the Awareness API from Google I/O during May, 2016 video: YouTube/Android Developers

Software company dNeural provides the nullNude APITrack this API as an adult content moderation Platform that can be used to automatically remove unwanted content from a service. This platform features abstract understanding which is more discriminative than regular models when filtering images.

Determine nudity in images will nullNude API

nullNude technology can determine if an image has nude content Image Credit: dNeural Inc., nullNude

Dango allows developers integrate emoji predictions into applications based on the natural language processing tools that share neural networks. Developers can use the Dango API in group communication apps to transform natural text into custom emojis. The Dango APITrack this API is listed under the Natural Language Processing category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Natural Language Processing APIs.

Implement Dango custom emoji service into applications via their API Image Credit: YouTube/Dango

The Niland APITrack this API utilizes Artificial Intelligence ( AI) and audio processing capabilities to classify music titles and recognize related tracks. The API automatically generates search results and classification data using audio signals that it detects in music compositions. The API allows developers to create AI powered music applications. We've primarily listed the Niland API in the Music category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Music APIs.

In April 2016, AYLIEN, a natural language processing and data services provider, launched a machine learning driven news API. With the AYLIEN News APITrack this API users can search, source, and index news and blog content from across the Web in real time. APIs such as this one and the CleanSpeak API from Inversoft could help alleviate the current fake news problem.

AYLIEN News API collects news content and sentiment data

AYLIEN News API collects data about news content and news sentiment. In this example the query was "API" Image Credit: AYLIEN

ScreenLab uses eye tracking data to analyze focus points and identify key stimuli including RGB, Grey scale, HSV, color, contrast, motion, position, patterns, metrics, heat maps and more. This JSON based ScreenLab APITrack this API allows users more insight to how their UI/ UX design looks to viewers.

Screenlab API tracks eye movement for UI insight

ScreenLab helps users to optimize websites with eye-tracking heatmaps and other technology Image Credit: provides sales lead management technology to businesses with a telephony suite of tools including voice messaging, auto dialing, and lead response. The InsideSales APITrack this API enables InsideSales reps to qualify leads, dial and improve contact rates. InsideSales is a Sales API, but the technology is powered by a predictive self-learning engine, a trend we expect to stick around.

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