ProgrammableWeb's Most Interesting APIs in 2016: Mapping and Location

Our look at the most interesting APIs of 2016 moves to the Mapping category. More and more developers are making use of Location and Mapping services to enhance their applications and these APIs provide recent technology in that sector. Other categories included here are Transportation, Engagement, Wireless, Bluetooth, and Travel.

MapFruition Travel Time APITrack this API provides developers with the ability to generate service area polygons based on mode of travel (drive, bike, or walk) and time/distance. Data coverage includes the Contiguous US, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Mapme APITrack this API is a RESTful builder tool for maps. Mounted as a service on Google Maps API, Mapme allows easy creation and customization of content on maps. Mapme maps can include layers, tags, moderation for crowdsourcing, activity Feed, privacy settings, search, mobile compatibility, more.

Build custom maps without coding via Mapme

Build custom maps without coding via Mapme. Import and Export maps with the API Image Credit: Mapme

Melown is a interactive visualization Platform for 2D and 3D geospatial data. Developers can utilize the Melown APITrack this API for interactive rendering and embedding of 3D maps. Melown combines a JavaScript API with tens of terabytes of open data from the cloud, that works in every Web browser, is cross-platform and customizable. It returns map states, events, position, distance and more.

Melown 3d map

Here's a 3D map rending of Mikulov, city, South Moravia Image Credit: Melown

The Fencer APITrack this API is a geofence Web Service for mobile apps, Web apps, and IoT. It offers "geofencing as a service". With the Fencer API, developers can create and manage geofences for applications or devices in quick, easy manner. In addition, they can query users' or devices' location relative to a geofence using the REST API.

Furkot is a road trip planning service. The Furkot APITrack this API allows users to access detailed descriptions of their trip data, including the duration and designated stops of specific trips.

Map out road trips with Furkot API

Furkot API allows trip planners to optimize a hike for navigation and points of interest Image Credit: Furkot/Twitter

eeGeo provides interactive 3D maps for many operating systems/devices, such as iOS, Android, OSX, OculusVR, and WebGL. The eeGeo 3D Map API allows developers to embed a 3D map into other applications.

Embed 3D maps into apps via eegeo API

eeGeo 3d Map examples Image Credit: eeGeo

Predix is an industrial software platform developed by General Electric Digital which aims to improve asset performance management (APM), operations, and business. They've introduced a number of APIs for machine-to-machine interoperability, or the Industrial Internet, such as the Predix Parking Planning APITrack this API, which offers parking metadata obtained from lighting sensors in parking lots and along public roadways. Information such as real time occupancy status is available. Other Predix APIs include The Predix Traffic Planning APITrack this API, which offers metadata obtained from lighting sensors along public roadways. and the Predix Time Series APITrack this API, offering sensor data management, distribution, and storage. Read more about Predix APIs and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Proximi APITrack this API can exact a location of app users within indoor locations by combining positioning technologies like WiFi triangulation, WiFi fingerprinting, beacons, BlueTooth, sensors, magnetic fields, and more.

Exactly locate users with Proximi API API provides developers with unified access to all positioning technologies Image Credit: provides location and tracking services. The HyperTrack APITrack this API supports the Integration of location tracking features in apps. It can be useful for developers who are building applications that monitor metering costs of drivers, can generate alerts for on-transit driver delays, customers' live order tracking, allows for dashboard tracking views integration, and drivers' incidents audits among other uses.

Get ETA of users with Hypertrack API

Tracking a friend's location and ETA is one potential use of the HyperTrack API Image Credit:

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