ProgrammableWeb's Most Interesting APIs in 2017: Business and Productivity

This section of the most interesting APIs of 2017 looks at the Business, eCommerce and Productivity categories. Included in this section are some APIs for Email, Messaging, Bots, Contacts, File Sharing, Documents, Search Sales, Marketing, eCommerce, CRM, Project Management, Electronic Signatures and other Business or Productivity needs.

APIs for SALES & MARKETING provides customer engagement services including live chat and marketing automation. The UserEngage API integrates email engagement features into Web services, including templates, conversations, segments, events, and lists.

UserEngage customer engagement dashboard

UserEngage customer engagement dashboard helps developers get insight on visitors Image: UserEngage

BombBomb is a video email service. The BombBomb API integrates video email into applications with the aim to convert leads, increase engagement and sales, and stand out of a text-based crowded mailbox. Developers can access account details, automations, contacts, lists, teams, and more with the API. Associated resources include SDKs and Webhooks.

Win More Sales Opportunities with BombBomb Video: YouTube/BombBomb Video Email

KnowThyCustomer provides identity verification and consumer data services for customer sales leads and marketing. The KnowThyCustomer API allows users to search for details about People, Phone Numbers, Emails, and Properties.

Go2mobi's Platform is aimed at performance marketers, trading desks and app developers. Go2mobi API allows advertisers to target users based on location and other mobile-centric data.

Facebook released a Canvas API for Advertisers in April, 2017, that can be used to create compelling Canvas ads and campaigns on Facebook. The Canvas Ads API is offered via the Facebook Marketing API.

Image: Facebook

RiteKit offers social media tools for better engagement. Developer tools offered include the RiteKit Hashtag Stats API, which returns information about specified hashtags such as tweets per hour, exposure, retweets, and others. Also available is the RiteKit Company Logo API returns a logo based on a registered domain. The API can be used to customize interfaces based on email domains. And the RiteKit Emoji Suggestions API, which accepts text which is then converted to a list of related emojis.

The Emoji Suggestion API allows apps to render emojis from text inputs

The Emoji Suggestion API allows apps to render emojis from text inputs Image: RiteKit


Microsoft Power BI is a synchronization Portal for software applications. The Power BI platform allows users to organize data from a variety of sources into interactive formats and a coherent, visually recognizable dashboard. Deploying Microsoft Power BI API allows access to a variety of dashboard resources including datasets, rows, and tables. However, resources are fortified within the Azure Active Directory, so developers seeking to consume the API must authenticate their apps with Azure AD.

Intro to Power BI service Video: YouTube/Microsoft

Developers can integrate the Kloudless Universal Calendar API (Beta) to easily connect calendars to other calendars or software. Kloudless allows developers to add multiple software services to applications using Kloudless "Connectors", of which Kloudless handles the backend Integration. Coming soon are for the Universal Calendar API are connectors for Google Calendar, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Salesforce, and Apple calendars.

Box is an enterprise content management platform for securing, editng, and sharing files. The Box File Preview API allows users to generate an embeddable file preview experience that supports more than 120 file types including CSV, images, audio, video, Flash, Presentation and more. The Box Upload API allows users the ability to add a new file to the Box platform. The user can upload a file by specifying the destination folder for the file. The API uses the multipart post method to complete all upload tasks. A Box Webhooks API was also added to the directory.

Robin is an office meeting and conference room booking service. The Robin API is available to programmatically access the service and integrate it into third-party applications.

Flock is a team messenger service used by teams, companies, communities, developers and more. The FlockOS API is a Chat Operating System that enables developers to build apps, bots and integrations on top of Flock. It is available in JSON and XML formats and includes methods for chat, sending messages, retrieving groups and member information, and more.

The Flock team messenging platform allows cross platform sync and historical search

The Flock team messenging platform allows cross platform sync and historical search Image: Flock

Outwork is a partnership management service. The Outwork REST API allows developers to allow people and organizations to apply for partnerships with a company and register partners directly from a website or application.

Outwork's partnership API

Outwork's partnership API allows for easy connection and onboarding Image: Outwork

Camunda is a business process management (BPM) firm based in Berlin. The Camunda API provides a business process engine that can be used to build applications related to business analysis, workflow, and user management for administrators.

PagerTree provides on-call staff scheduling and alerting software. The PagerTree API integrates a scheduling and on-call system that allows developers to alert the proper team members about system incidents. The API requires POST requests, and returns information about users, companies, teams, incidents, and schedules. PagerTree offers 3 paid plans and a free trial. Additionally, PagerTree offers analytics, unlimited text message alerts, and configurable escalation rules.

Notablist is an email newsletter search engine. The service allows users to search and view over 10 million newsletters from 500,000 brands. The Notablist Email Technology Inspector REST API provides a programmatic means of detecting the various technologies used in email campaigns. The API can detect over 250 email technologies, including ESPs, ad networks, CRMs, tracking pixels and more.

Notablist provides newsletter search services and analysis of technologies used in email campaigns

Notablist provides newsletter search services and analysis of technologies used in email campaigns Image: Notablist

SAP Anywhere provides APIs for integrating SAP Anywhere with third-party applications. With SAP Anywhere APIs, developers can extract data in SAP Anywhere in the JSON format and develop new applications or integrate with existing business applications.

The MakePDF API is a free and user-friendly API for document manipulation. This API offers developers tools for processes including image enhancement, making a PDF searchable, creating thumbnails for PDFs, and converting PDF to text.

MakePDF API can be used to make PDFs searchable

MakePDF API can be used to make PDFs searchable Image:

Bee is a free online email editor for building responsive layouts. The BeeFree API allows users to integrate email editing features into applications. With the API, users can edit emails for designing responsive messages.

BeeFree email

Screenshot: Bee

HappyCo is a real-time inspection, monitoring, and analysis platform for business assets. HappyCo services are targeted to Real Estate, Hospitality, Retail, Airports and Franchising. Happy API uses GRPC protocol to bridge the gap between software platforms. gRPC is a secure modern communication protocol open sourced by Google. The Happy API ensures developers can integrate with the HappyCo platform with minimum time invested and maximum reliability, providing enterprises with comprehensive workflows and reporting.

Happy API provides fast integration and simplified coding to the HappyCo platform

Happy API provides fast integration and simplified coding to the HappyCo platform Screenshot: HappyCo

Managly offers a project management system which provides several tools for businesses such as prototyping, collaborations, feedback, invoicing, and advanced task management. Managly tracks files and stores them based on specific tasks. The system supports instant feedback from clients and team members. Managly API Documentation is not publicly available.

Yext helps companies manage their location listings online. The Yext Webhooks API allows developers to set up webhooks to receive updates on changes to locations and listings. It provides programmatic control of a brand's knowledge, the people who manage it, and the places it appears to consumers. Use the API to manage reviews, listings status, and more.

Yext API gives updates of listings changes on the above applications

Yext API gives updates of listings changes on the above applications Image: Yext

SignWise Services API provides the necessary infrastructure for applications to allow users to authenticate and electronically sign legal documents.

Penneo also provides digital signature solutions. This service generates electronic customer IDs targeted for businesses in the financial sector. The Penneo API adds eSignature capabilities to existing applications in order to sign digital contracts. The system handles multiple signatures, supports specific signing orders, and offers over 100 templates for different workflows.

The Lexper API allows developers to extract clean text from HTML articles in any language. Lexper extracts the main text and HTML bodies of an article, author, the media present (Images and videos), RSS feeds and other social feeds like Facebook and Twitter timelines or Youtube channels, etc, as well as any embedded social widgets (Tweets, videos, etc.). The API can extract data in any language.

Wordbee provides translation solutions for digital content. The RESTful platform supports the integration of administrative functionalities in translation apps. Developers can use the Wordbee APIs to integrate interfaces for managing tasks or projects, dashboards, word counts and invoices, make a select set of Wordbee translator functionalities and data accessible to developers, and provide connectivity between the Wordbee Translator platform and external CRM apps.

FullContact powers an identity graph that allows developers to build person and company profiles into applications, projects and tools with a collection of secure data APIs. FullContact announced the release of the Next Generation Platform and new Enrich API in November, 2017. The FullContact Enrich API makes it possible for organizations to gain a view of their contacts through a set of data packs such as demographics, social network affiliations, and firmographics (descriptions of firms).


The Shopify Storefront API provides access to customers, nodes, and shops data from Shopify. Information returned includes customer shipping addresses and display names, shop billing addresses and currency codes, plus checkouts, collections, and orders applications from the nodes data interface. Developers can integrate with the API for ecommerce checkout and shopping cart customizations, product data acquisition for website displays, and creation or modification of customer data. The API can only be accessed through a GraphQL Endpoint. Shopify also launched a Price Rules API this past year for giving merchants more ability to capitalize on the power of discounting.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Rainbow is a cloud-based relationship management platform that connects people, things and systems. The platform provides several APIs for integration. The OpenRainbow Application API and the OpenRainbow Authentication API return Authentication data for business applications that require chat, messaging, and voice features.

ReadyCloud is a global ecommerce CRM solution with built in shipping and returns integrations. The ReadyCloud API provides read and write access to functions for orders, boxes, items, addresses and all the other major data stored and processed by ReadyCloud. And the ReadyCloud Webhooks API provides access to ReadyCloud's Webhooks data for use in 3rd party applications.

ShipEngine is an International shipping platform supports all the top global carriers. The ShipEngine API provides a way to ship with any of the 20+ supported ShipEngine shipping carriers. Use the API to allow applications to create labels, query shipments, connect carriers, validate addresses, track and confirm deliveries via app, emal or SMS, plus more. ShipEngine supports address validation in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, France, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Israel, and Italy.

Twiggle provides search tools and functionality for eCommerce websites, stores, and applications. The Twiggle REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Twiggle with other applications. API and documentation access comes with account service.

Twiggle uses Natural Language Processing to understand customer search querie

Twiggle uses Natural Language Processing to understand customer search queries Image: Twiggle

Glome provides a multi-channel user engagement and conversion platform that allows smooth onboarding without logins or registration. Glome offers a REST API for integration to registered users. Interested developers can contact the company on their website for more information about this personalization and onboarding service and its API.

Fulfil.IO is a cloud based retail and wholesale fulfillment platform. The Fulfil.IO REST API allows developers to add inventory management, catalog management, and reporting capabilities to retail systems. The API features omni-channel order management for order aggregation, inventory and warehouse management, purchase management, drop shipping, point of sale support, and book keeping.

Fulfil.IO provides inventory and order management technology for seamless order fulfillment

Fulfil.IO provides inventory and order management technology for seamless order fulfillment Image: Fulfil.IO

Taggun is an image transcription service. The Taggun API performs image transcription in real-time by extracting valuable metadata from images and documents using natural language processing. The API is able to extract via OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology total amount, tax amount, date of purchase, merchant name, merchant address, merchant category from a paper receipt.

Taggun API can very quickly extract text and metadata from a sales receipt

Taggun API can very quickly extract text and metadata from a sales receipt Image:

Tive provides visibility solutions for supply chain inventory and management. The Tive REST API allows programmatic access to the service.

Tive Sensor Tracker provides real time shipment monitoring and API allows integration into ERP and SCM

Tive Sensor Tracker provides real time shipment monitoring and API allows integration into ERP and SCM systems Image: Tive

Salesforce Einstein is Artificial Intelligence that is built into the Salesforce platform for delivering predictive customer experiences. We've added the two APIs available for leveraging the Einstein platform within Salesforce.

The Salesforce Einstein Vision API allows developers to harness the power of image recognition to build AI-powered applications. This API consists of Einstein Image Classification, which enables developers to train deep learning models to recognize and classify images at scale, and Einstein Object Detection, which enables developers to train models to recognize and count multiple distinct objects within an image, providing granular details like the size and location of each object. The API allows for intelligent visual search, brand detection, product identification and more.

The Salesforce Einstein Language API consists of two parts. The first part is Einstein Sentiment, which enables classification of text sentiment into positive, negative, and neutral classes to understand the feeling behind text. The Einstein Sentiment API can be used to analyze emails, social media, and text from chat. Custom models or use pre-built sentiment models can be created. The second part is Einstein Intent, which allows for categorizing unstructured text into user-defined labels to better understand what users are trying to accomplish. Leverage the Einstein Intent API to analyze text from emails, chats, or web forms.

Read more about how Salesforce has cracked the code on demystifying machine learning. Included in that articce is audio of David Berlind's Interview with Marco Casalainaf, Vice President of Product Management for Salesforce Einstein.

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