Progress Releases NativeScript 4.0

Progress, an application development and deployment technologies provider, has released NativeScript 4.0 which features a number of improvements. Among the improvements in the NativeScript 4.0 release are LiveSync with Webpack, new single sign-on Authentication template, and expanded functionality for Vue.js developers. The release also includes Angular Schematics support and support for processes and tooling for building apps with the Angular CLI all from one code base.

NativeScript is a free, open source Framework for building cross- Platform native web and mobile applications. The framework allows developers to access native platform APIs and components directly using JavaScript, TypeScript, or Angular. NativeScript also allows developers to reuse a significant amount of code between web and mobile tiers.

The latest release of NativeScript makes it possible for developers to enable LiveSync with Webpack simultaneously. The company says that this feature will make identifying and addressing issues that occur earlier in the development process easier. The release includes a new template for setting up authentication with single sign-on providers. The company says that the best way for developers to leverage the new single sign-on authentication template is via NativeScript Sidekick. The release provides expanded functionality for Vue.js developers by empowering code sharing capabilities.

NativeScript 4.0 includes features that allow developers to add native mobile projects to existing Angular and web projects by reusing an existing code base. The release also includes support for Angular Schematics, a workflow tool that allows developers to apply transforms to their Angular CLI projects. For example, a transform could be adding a new configuration option to a project, creating a new component, or a code update that fixes changes that break a dependency.

"It is no secret that building high-quality mobile apps requires native capabilities. NativeScript puts those capabilities into the hands of a large population of developers who want to use their skills in JavaScript, Angular, TypeScript or Vue.js to build the next wave of modern mobile apps," said Dmitri Tcherevik, Chief Technology Officer, Progress, in a prepared statement. "The latest release of NativeScript continues our mission to empower those developers to create high-impact and high-performing iOS and Android apps faster and easier than ever before."

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