project44 Launches connectNG Platform and Refreshed Core Services API

project44, an enterprise SaaS integration platform and global supply chain APIs provider, has launched connectNG. The newly launched connectNG platform includes a complete refresh of the project44 core services API and security enhancements. The connectNG platform also features new interactive documentation and data collection, normalization, and enrichment capabilities.

project44 provides suites of APIs that can be used to connect ecommerce, trucking, third-party logistics (3PLs), and other supply chain systems with carriers and other capacity providers. API products provided by project44 include (but not limited to) supply chain APIs, truckload APIs, air freight APIs, and ocean freight APIs.

Businesses can use the project44 platform and APIs to connect and sync with their supply chain in near real time. The project44 capacity provider network (CPN) allows businesses to connect to multiple capacity providers to obtain rate quotes, transit time information, dispatch and track shipments, and retrieve documents from carriers. With the newly launched connectNG platform, customers can access the CPN using the Core Services API.

The newly launched connectNG platform and refreshed core services API includes significant security enhancements and data normalization capabilities. The security enhancements include the use of the AWS security platform leveraging features such as AWS Virtual Private Clouds, encryption, and firewalls.

connectNG features new data collection, normalization, and enrichment capabilities that customers can use to gain insights from carrier and supply chain partner data. According to the press release, carriers can now write APIs that translate data and information important to their particular business. In addition, the project44 CPN ensures that this data translation “doesn’t overwhelm or create extra work for the shippers and 3PLs receiving that information.”

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