PromisePay API Provides Digital Payment Functionality

Powerful payment engines that offer security and an easy and efficient way to pay and get paid are what enables the online marketplace to thrive. It’s what enables businesses to exceed their growth expectations and consumers to get the choice and convenience they desire. With this in mind, PromisePay has set out to create a powerful payment engine that it believes will greatly enhance e-commerce in general. By providing an API, PromisePay allows developers to use this functionality according to their needs.

PromisePay offers various products that provide safe and secure payments, several payment methods, free onboarding of global sellers, control over workflow, fee structure, payout schedule and more. These products include an Escrow account where buyers and sellers can carry out simple, self-managed and compliant escrow transactions; an Express account where buyers and sellers can transact with each other without funds ever touching the actual marketplace; and an Approve account where customers can pay by replying to a text message.

The PromisePay API is a RESTful API that gives developers flexibility, as they can access this functionality and create custom pay flows to their exact requirements. The API can be used alongside the Front-end Integration or as a standalone.

Further information is available on the PromisePay website.

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