Propeller Launches Open Asthma Conditions Forecast API

Propeller Health, respiratory health digital Platform, announced the release of an open API that provides local asthma conditions information: Air. The Air API is free to use, and provides asthma forecasts based on various data. Data points include humidity, wind direction, temperature, and pollutants gathered for specified geographic locations. The data is pulled from a number of sources including the EPA, AccuWeather, and Breezometer.

Propeller offers more in depth services through its Daily Asthma Forecast app. The data available through the Air API was already being gathered for the app. Air simply provides a new method for access. The company believes that the Air API extends the reach of its data and forecasting technology. While the Air API is now public facing, the company has already used the API internally for a number of apps and services.

Users can pull a respiratory forecast for locations in two models. First, forecasts are available for specific geo locations based on the input of latitude, longitude and postal code. For broader forecasts, users can request forecasts for a bounded box geo location. For the bounded box, the inputs include minimums and maximums for both latitude and longitude. For more details, check out the API docs.

The API is completely open and free to use. Propeller health has already built a number of tools to showcase the potential of Air. Such tools include an Air email and text subscription service (i.e. automated emails or texts with asthma conditions for a specific location or region), the Air Widget (embeddable widget for a website that informs visitors about asthma conditions), Alexa and Google Home Integration (asthma conditions on demand), IFTTT Applets, and more. Check out the Air FAQs to learn more.

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